JARED  REGER: 10/06/12
           155 LB
           8 Point 102 4/8" BUCK

Jared is no stranger to Creekwood's deer contest.

Jared took the all time 2nd biggest racked buck
ever in our contest three years back.

He just absolutely loves bowhunting and it shows
with two Pope & Young bucks. When guessing the
weight on this buck he missed by 3 pounds and on
the score 2 1/2". Jared knows his deer.

Jared had seen this buck making a rub earlier in
the day off in some brush. He wrote it off as the
wind at first, but when the wind stopped blowing a
and he tree kept shaking he knew he wasn't see

He figured with the wind the bucks in the area would
be using the corn as cover so set himself up
accordingly. Not long after grunting and rattling not
really aggressively he saw a deer coming down the
second row of corn in the field. First all he saw was
the back. Then he saw tines but didn't think it was a
shooter. When the buck came thru his first shooting
he decided it was a shooter. The wind was right, the
next shooting lane would be broadside followed by
two more quartering away lanes. Jared was thinking
quartering away, but the buck stopped right in his
broadside lane and at 6:30 the deed was done and the
Town of Parma was one deer lighter.

His brother Justin came in to share in the experience
and help getting the buck in and out of the truck. 
Both these guys work hard at their bowhunting. On
Sept 30th there was a knock on my door at the house
and there stood Jared with an envelope with a bunch
of names on it and $2.00 inside for every name. Chad
Achter, one of the names helped him drag this buck out.

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