JARED REGER: 11/01/09
          166 1/2 LB 10 Point
          145 4/8" POPE & YOUNG
You probably recognize Jared from last year.
This guy is a special type of bowhunter. What
I mean by that is, when a person harvests a
above average whitetail for the area being
hunted two years in a row, your looking at a
man with above average hunting skills. I believe
his buck from last year was the second largest
bow buck taken in NYS in 2008.

Jared is not a bragger, Jared is a polite, clean cut,
young man who, I know makes his parents, wife
and friends proud to know him. He is a person
who plans his hunt and then hunts his plan.

On September 14th he had a major back surgery
which didn't allow him to hunt in a tree stand, so
six weeks before season Jared was out making a
home made ground blind with his brother. 
November 1st was the third time he hunted the
spot. The buck came in just the way he thought it
would, he made a "mack" sound with his voice,
the buck stopped, looked and the arrow was on
it's way. The shot was 12 yards and the buck went
90 yards to a Pope & Young dirt nap. It was 6:20am
in Hilton, NY and the young mans second deer
hunting goal, a typical Pope & Young was achieved.
When he brought the buck in, the shop was full of
kids and I can't believe I only took two pictures of
this great buck. I was on my way to get lunch, went
by Jared's house, and saw the buck in the back of
his truck. His dad, his brother, his wife, his son Tyler
and a couple other supporters were there. I had my
phone in my pocket and wasn't smart enough to take
a picture there either. Sorry Jared - you deserve
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