JARED REGER: 11/02/08
          214 1/2 LB 17 Point
          POPE & YOUNG BUCK
          SHADOW BUCK

          Scoring 157 4/8"

Jared and his brother Justin, came in Creekwood October
6th 1996 and have been customers ever since. In August
2001 he bought a Mathews SQ2 from us and just killed the
best buck of Creekwood's 13 seasons with his SQ2.

He was hunting in Carlton when he took this knarley buck.
I am so fortunate that customers share their dreams with
me and I'm able to get my hands on these awsome animals.

Jared said the buck came in from down wind and his new
scent-loc suit did the trick. The buck never knew he was

Jared is 26 years old and has been hunting for 12 years. 
The buck will probably end up being scored non-typical
in the end but I scored him typical.

I got a gross total of 179 7/8" and after deductions 157 4/8".
He has many points broken off, but still had 7" of sticker
points. Non Typical he could be 186 7/8".

Jared saw the buck coming, ranged an opening and thought
he was going to have a 30 yard shot. He came to full draw
with the buck behind a tree and he wouldn't come out.

The buck turned and went into some thick stuff, but was
coming closer. Then the buck went down a creek bank,
got a drink, and came up the bank and Jared drew again.
The head, rack and shoulder were behind a big tree, he
put the pin where he wanted it and made the 25 yard shot.

He didn't like the hit an tried to keep track of the buck with
his binoculars, but was shaking so bad it was hard so see.
Before he shot, Jared had his act togeather, but after the
shot he was a basket case.

He watched the buck for maybe 100 to 110 yards before
he went out of sight.
After a time he got out of his stand,
and retrieved his arrow and didn't like what he found. Gut
Shot so he knew what he had to do. He backed out of
there and retrieved the buck the following morning.

The deer had gone maybe 40 more yards past where he
went out of sight. I believe he said he was shooting a
Razorcap broadhead. I was just in awe of this beautiful

We weighed the buck on Monday afternoon. Had he
weighed it on Sunday it would have weighed more.

At the present time he has both 1st place positions in the
contest and will be really tough to beat. He was hunting
with Ron Henshion, who is his best friend. They have
photos of the buck in velvet for the last two years. Jared's
friend is a welder by trade and what a special friend he his.
A lot of people wouldn't share something like this. They
would just try to get the deer themselves. Ron is what
 friends are all about.

You may have herd of Jared's mom. Her stage name is
Josie Waverly and she is a country singer. I told Jared
to get his mom to write a song about his experience and
his feelings and motives. If she gets it right it will be a hit.
This lady can sing.

The buck is the largest racked buck ever at Creekwood
and the 4th heaviest buck we have weighed at Creekwood
in 13 seasons. Jared has a new baby coming New Years
Eve so money is definately an issue, but I think he is going
to have Greg Blier on Rt 18 do a full body mount for him.