JARED  REGER  : 11/03/07
     140 LB 6 Point 84 6/8" BUCK

Jared and his brother have been coming in he shop for

I'm pretty sure Chad Achter introduced them to Creekwood.

This buck he took was a real scraper. It's a six point because
it broke it's G3 on the left side off, it's G2 and G3 on the right
side off. If it wasn't for this buck had an attitude against
bigger deer it would have scored a lot higher.

All Jared's hunting buddies want to get the one that did a
number on Jared's buck. Jared took the buck at 9:20 am
with a 22 yard shot and the buck went 65 yards to his dirt

He was hunting in Parma. He was using a 100 grain Razorback