We are always taking resumes for employment here at Creekwood. Because we are a small business the people who work here have to do many different jobs. We are growing and currently need people. If you are interested in employment, stop in and see us with a resume of course. We need full and part time people.

    The jobs we have here are as follows:

        RETAIL & BOW TECHNICIANS: This is a person that is responsible for doing all the duties at Creekwood Archery. We expect this person to do and act as if they own the business. They interface with customers, answer the phone, are polite, honest and above all, if they don't know the answer to a question they don't make up something. It kind of works like this; When you go to your favorite restaurant for spaghetti & meatballs it should always taste the same no matter which chef is out in the kitchen. 

        INDOOR  3D Set-Up & Tear-Down: This person is responsible for the set-up and tear down of our Indoor 3D League. Set-Up is Tuesday morning and tear down is Wednesday night. The job is from the first week in Jan, thru mid-April.

        OUTDOOR  Ranges : This person is responsible for the quality of all our outdoor shooting, set-up and tear down, mowing, trimming and target maintenance from early-April thru late-November. General maintenance of our Outdoor Range which consists of targets from 10 to 80 yards. We have targets out to 40 yards on the east side of our building, and our 40, 50, 60 yard range out back.

        INDOOR MAINTENANCE: Duties include sweeping, mopping, cleaning, taking out garbage, cleaning bathrooms, changing light bulbs, target repair, maintenance plus setting up targets whenever or wherever needed at the time.


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Ron Coyle Tom Lewis