This is the old fart that got the idea to start Creekwood
Archery back in 1994. His idea was to build an Archery
Playground. If you die and go to heaven and they have
ARCHERY UP THERE it will kind of be like CREEKWOOD
        Ben has been shooting a bow since he was nine and he is
close to 69 now so he has a little bit of knowledge in the archery
world. He thought he new a lot when he started the business
but the majority of his archery expertise has been acquired
since starting the business. He has been a NYS Bowhunter
Education Instructor for over 35 years, a Certified Bow
Mechanic and is a Certified NFAA Coach. In 2006 he took a 1st
at States and in 2007 won "Best in Style". In 2007 he was ranked
2nd in the eastern NAA Nationals. In 2009 he was ranked 11th in
the Nation - NAA Indoor Nationals. Since then he hasen't done squat.

In the picture above is Ben winning a turkey at the turkey shoot
or is Marcia, his wife is winning a turkey at the turkey shoot ? I guess
you had to be there to know.
        Ben is a target archer and sick'ooo bowhunter. He has taken
small game, whitetail deer, black bear, and a Pope & Young Canadian
Moose with a bow and arrow.