Marcia is of course Ben's wife. Before he started
Creekwood she had shot a total of three arrows,
two of which were at helium balloons.

Today she is a Certified Instructor, our kid specialist,
a competent business owner, and a shooter that can
kick Ben's butt anytime she wants to. Below she is
holding her robinhood.

    A shrink lady friend of mine told me the only reason
I tell everyone, "I could not run this business without her"
is so I can blame things on her. The shrink lady is still a
friend but, "I am absolutely positive, I could not run this
business with out her." She and I run this business as a
team and we both work very hard at it.

She is my best friend, the person I have been married to
since 1965, she likes archery a lot, has won States, is a
Certified NFAA Coach, but her hot button is horses. When
Marcia is shooting her Martin Scepter she is having fun but
when she is up on her paint horse Stormy or Rowdy she is
in a zone. She is the absolute love of my life.