Ron has been with Creekwood for a number of years.
He kind of looks like Kenny Rogers but I don't think he sings
as good as Kenny. When it comes to shooting a bow, this
guy can put-em' in the middle. Ron is a Certified Bow
Mechanic. If he sets up your bow the problem you have is;
you can't  blame problems on your Set-Up. We would say
you are having a picnic.
P = problen, I = in, C = cranium, N = not, I = in, C = compound.

The real reason Ron is here at Creekwood is because
he is just a nice person to be around, with good people
skills and has more than his share of common sense.
I think he got in that line twice for the good stuff.

Stop in and see his new Hoyt ProElite he had custom
painted, he would love to show it to you. We call it,
"The Feathered Warrior". Ron is a HOYT-A-HOLIC.
If you don't watch out he will have you going to Vegas
or the NY State Championships and if you listen to him
of course, he will have you shooting a HOYT.

         Stop in and experience Ron Coyle.
In 2009 Ron had to start going to two meetings a month.
Of course he has his regular Hoyt - A - Holic meetings
just like always, but now he has to go to his Elite-A-Holic
meetings also. So many bows to like and so little time.