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This was posted 6/20/2021 -  HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU DAD'S !  - We are totally closed for fathers day.

    HOYT PRICE INCREASE:     In the last two weeks I have ordered two Hoyt Torrex's with shipping dates of August. I ordered a package for a Hoyt bow in early April &they say I may have it by late July. If you are planning on new stuff for the  OCTOBER DEER SEASON  the supply chains for almost everything are screwed up. Montana Black Gold sights are out 16 to 18 weeks out (That's October 9th to 28th). On June 14th Hoyt is raising the price on their Torrex and Ventum series bows. If your thinking about these bows get em ordered by June 13th. Life Is GOOD ! Get your stuff in time to be able to practice with it. To quote Hoyt, "It is no secret that the pandemic has had a significant economic impact on the costs of doing business. From supply chain shortages to increased costs of raw materials, it seems every business has been affected in some way. At Hoyt, we have done our best to absorb these cost increases over the past year in an effort to hold pricing. However, labor shortages, increasing freight costs and soaring raw material prices are impacting our business and cost structures more and more each day".

    NOTICE 2021 HOYT BOW:      We have in stock a 2021 Hoyt Torrex XT. It is right hand, 60 to 70 pounds. Specs are 336 feet per second, 30 inch Axel to axel, 6 inch brace, weight 4 pounds, and 25 1/2 to 30 inch draw. It has a package with it - Fuse Maxis 4 arrow quiver, Whisker biscuit Rest, Hoyt Wrist Strap Sling, Fuse Flextorch 5" Stabilizer and a Fuse Profire 5 Pin Sight.  Call for a appointment to come and fondle it.

    NOTICE INDOOR SHOOTING:      We will start  INDOOR SHOOTING  for COVID 19 VACCINATED SHOOTERS ONLY, every Thursday nights, starting Thursday May 27th. We are having two lines INDOORS, 6:00 to 7:00pm and 7:30 to 8:30pm. It is $15.00 for the hour. If you choose to shoot outdoors you can shoot from 6:00pm to 8:30 for $20.00 (2 1/2 hours).  For UN-VACCINATED SHOOTERS you must wear a mask when sharing a target with another shooter while pulling arrows. You do not have to have a mask on while shooting and we ask you maintain social distancing. We are going to do this for the month of May & June. This will make "THE FUN PLACE IN ARCHERY" fun for one night a week. Because of the new Covid 19 rules this is only for Vaccinated shooters INDOORS. Kids 12 and under can shoot INDOORS accompanied by a vaccinated parent.


 All weekdays we are open by Appointment only  For information on what is available to you, call 217-6981 my cell # to schedule an appointment.
 Thursday Evenings ONLY - OPEN SHOOTIN INDOORS for Covid Vaccinated Shooters Only  <------------<<<
 Thursday Evenings ONLY - OPEN SHOOTING DEAL OUTDOORS for all shooters <-----------------<<<
 Thursday Evenings ONLY - SEE MAIN PAGE FOR DETAILS ! <-----------------<<<                         
                                                                             LIFE  IS  GOOD ! 

    NOTICE:     The 60 50 40 targets are out back and can be shot by appointment only. We also have a 20 and 30 yard target out. As we continue to monitor developments with the Corona virus (COVID-19), we believe that it is appropriate to close for indoor shooting.  Creekwood Archery is only open by appointment. No particular hours, mainly what is ever good for you. Marcia, Ron & I are all in our late 70's and are not willing to be open for open shooting or leagues because of that. Believe me, it hurts me more than you, but remember, LIFE  IS  GOOD ! We are grateful for your understanding during these unprecedented times and appreciate your ongoing support and our commitment to the health and well-being of the entire community.

 I have been in the Rochester area, Monroe County since the mid-sixties and Monroe County has supported five to six archery ranges over all these years. It's hard to believe that Creekwood Archery is the only range in existence now. Archery is growing, not dying. Over the 24 years we have been open we have over 11.500 different customers have come thru our doors. Pro shops are the only place where you can be fitted correctly for your goals in archery. Fit, form and function and setup are key for you to shoot well. The best bow made set up wrong will not perform.

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Click to see contest results for any year, click on the year below:

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 No Contest 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025

  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
1st Dave Scorse       183 lbs 1st Mark Malcolm     135 3/8" 1st Dalton Moyer  112 lbs 1st Joe Trieste        118 lbs 1st Joe Trieste        92 4/8" 1st Dalton Moyer  112 lbs
2nd Mark Malcolm       171 lbs 2nd Dave Scorse     134 5/8" 2nd Darren Blocker Jr  70 lbs 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd Darren Blocker Jr  70 lbs
3rd Kent Barker        151 lbs 3rd Kent Barker   102 2/8" 3rd Jeremy Browe Picture Only 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet

 On Thursday Sept 9th 2021 we will be open 25 years, if we haven't sold the business by then  What a trip to "SHOOT EM IN THE MIDDLE"  That's a quarter of a Century   We have created many State & National  Champions plus our customers have harvested the  game of their dreams. If this appeals to you, come to CREEKWOOD  ARCHERY and you be treated like family.   We have the only archery range left in Monroe County. We are open for indoor shooting Thursday nights. See this page above for the details. Come and  experience it at Creekwood Archery.  You won't be disapointed.  LIFE  IS  GOOD !  We Are Worth The Drive, But Not If we are CLOSED when you get here.  <-------------------<<<    Creekwood has OPEN SHOOTING to the public both Only Outside right now. Don't be bashful.  SUNRISE & SUNSET TIMES IN OUR CALENDAR ARE FOR CREEKWOOD ARCHERYS LOCATION    OPEN SHOOTING MEANS OPEN SHOOTING TO THE PUBLIC. - COME AND SHOOT by appointment only outdoors right now, except for Thursday nights.  WHEN WE OPEN SHOOTING INSIDE  Means shoot indoors on 15 lanes up to 30 yards, heated & Air Conditioned, your indoor archery playground. OPEN SHOOTING OUTSIDE  Means shoot outdoors on one of 3 ranges, your outdoor playground,  # 1  Our East Range from 10 to 40 yards -  # 2  On our Tower Range from a 8', 12' or 16' platforms at targets from 5 to 40 yards, every 5 yards -  # 3  On our BIG TARGETS Range out back at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 100 yards. Our BIG TARGET Range is open April thru Mid-September. Your own personal total archery playground. NOTICE:  We are here to give you the same high quality service we have for over 24 1/2 years. What ever your archery goals are, we have the ability to make them happen. Yes we are still dealers for all our bow companies and can order what ever you needs are.  LIFE  IS  GOOD                             


 Gift Certificates at Creekwood Archery make a great gift for your archery friends. And we can do it over the phone.    

CREEKWOOD ARCHERY IS YOUR ARCHERY HEADQUARTERS - Open To The Public - Bows, Arrows, Lessons, Rentals, Spot Leagues, 3D Leagues, Youth Leagues, Youth Programs, Rental Bows, Indoor Range, Two Outdoor Ranges, Heated & Air Conditioned, Shoot Indoors up to 30 yards, Outdoors 10 to 60 yards. Welcome to the Creekwood Archery "The FUN PLACE in ARCHERY" web site.  To know what's happening, check our monthly calendars on the left. We hope you will visit both our shop and our web site often. The results our customers achieve prove we work hard to make the sport of archery fun and to serve everyone from the beginner to the most experienced target archer and bowhunter. Our hunters and target archers are a testimonial to THE EXPERTISE at Creekwood Archery. Let us know how we can help you on your trip to, "SHOOT EM' IN THE MIDDLE", by either stopping by for a visit or sending us email at ben@creekwoodarchery.com  or  marcia@creekwoodarchery.com  

        Creekwood Archery is located in Upstate New York just 21 miles NNW from downtown Rochester at 451 Lawrence Road, Brockport, NY 14420. Our phone number is (585) 392-2030. We are a full service archery shop with multiple ranges, to meet all of your archery needs, with state champions, certified mechanics and instructors on staff, for your lessons, maintenance, or repairs. We offer indoor and outdoor shooting plus Indoor 3D on Tuesday & Wednesday for 14 weeks starting in January.
        Creekwood is proud to offer compound bows from  HOYT ,  ELITE ,  AND    MARTIN   bows & crossbows. We stock traditional bows from Hoyt, & Martin. We custom make all our customers arrows. If it's a  GOOD THING  in archery, we probably stock it. If it's a well advertised  BAD THING , we will tell you about it. Yes we will, treat you like family. We also handle used bows for kids if you desire a previously enjoyed bow for same.
        If you haven't shot a new bow in a few years, you don't know what a bow can be like. Even if your not ready to buy a new bow yet, you need to know what the ultimate bow feels like. Come in and shoot one. Hoyt is our # 1 selling bow and has been every year since we became a dealer.  COME SHOOT ONE !

On our WEB Site anything with text that is underlined is a link to that subject. 

 NOTICE:  OurTower is be open by appointment. There are three elevated platforms to practice from. 8', 12', & 16',
                 with targets every 5 yards from 5 to 40 yards. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 For pictures of our 2018 Youth League & Adult Youth League Click HERE .

 For pictures of our 2018 3D League, 420/300 League & 450 Vegas League Click HERE .  <------------------<<<

 For the PICTURES of The 2018 Mid-Atlantics Tournament @ Creekwood Archery click HERE .

 For the PICTURES of our 9th Annual 420 Pro/Am Tournament click HERE .

 For the RESULTS  of our 9th Annual 420 Pro/Am Tournament click HERE .

 If you would like to see pictures of our leagues, click below:

 Tues & Wednesday Indoor 3D League click HERE for pictures. 

 Thursday 420/300 League click HERE for pictures.

 Friday 450 Vegas League click HERE for pictures.

 Saturday Youth League click HERE for pictures.

 Saturday Adult / Youth League click HERE for pictures.

On Monday Jan 29th we hosted The NYFAB Super Bowl 450 Vegas Shoot. Click HERE for pictures.

 MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  Three weeks ago at our Sunday, "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" Shoot, Jesse Foster shot a 401 on the 420 5 Spot target. His score, 300+42 IX's+59 X's = 401 is the same exact score Jesse Broadwater shot at our Creekwood Archery 420 Pro/Am, making him the 3rd person to shoot a 401. 401 is the highest score ever achieved on the target. He was shooting a beautiful 2018 Blue Mathews Target bow and I am so proud to have Jesse shoot at Creekwood Archery. Jesse Foster is going to be a person to watch for this year on the indoor circuit. In 2016 Ted Strychalski shot a 401 at the 7th Annual 420 Pro/Am. Ted Shot 300+41 IX's+60 X's = 401, just one inside IX short of the record. Our 9th 420 Pro/am this year will be February 2nd, 3rd & 4th at Creekwood Archery. I talked with Jesse last Sunday at the "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" and he didn't even realize he had shot a 401.


life  is  good in the middle !

With the help of my wonderful daughter-in-law, Carin Adams here are the results.
 Our 8th Annual 420 Pro/Am was awesome - Click
 HERE  for results.

 Creekwood archery is open to the public - 15 indoor lanes up to 30 yards - two outdoor ranges - and a full blown Pro-Shop for all your archery needs.
 We are working on 23 years in the building and 25 years in business which should tell you Creekwood Archery is the place to go.

         It Is Best If You Check Our Calendar  To The Left For When We Are Open       
       We Are Worth The Drive, But Not If We  Are Closed when you get here            

Yes, we had the pumpkin shoot and what a hoot it was. We had 16 kids and that was with 6 no-shows. Click  HERE  for the pictures.  

  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
1st  Shane Price
196 lbs
1st Shane Price
 110 7/8"
1st Brandon Ward
91 lbs
1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet 1st Brandon Ward
91 lbs
2nd Ed Prince III
169 lbs
2nd  Ed Prince III
 101 4/8"
2nd Jason Graybill
 89 lbs
2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd Brandon Ward
65 lbs
3rd  Tom Behage
149 lbs
3rd Ron  Penna
90 2/8"
3rd Ed Downey
 73 lbs
3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd Brandon Ward
57 lbs

                                                     WCS = Wooda, Coulda, Shoulda = Not in contest   

  Buck Weight Adult  WCS   Buck Rack Adult  WCS   Doe Weight Adult  WCS   Buck Weight Youth  WCS   Buck Rack Youth  WCS   Doe Weight Youth WCS
1st Todd Clay
 185 lbs
1st Todd Clay
128 1/8" P & Y
1st Bob Bryan
 113 lbs
1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet
2nd Chip DeVay
 161 lbs CB
2nd  Chip DeVay
112 5/8" CB
2nd Karen Polito 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet
3rd Neil Egenlauf
 161 lbs
3rd  Neil Egenlauf
101 6/8"
3rd Karen Polito 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet

Click to see how the  DEER CONTEST  works.

            The Final Results of the 2014 Deer Contest              28 Deer 11/14/14                     LIFE  IS  GOOD !             

  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
1st Travis Despot 184 lbs 1st Travis Despot 154 5/8" 1st Brandon Clark 129 lbs 1st Brandon Ward 135 1/2 lbs 1st Brandon Ward 80 2/8" 1st Brandon Ward
89 lbs
2nd Dustin Meridith 
176 1/2  lbs
2nd John Brozak
131 6/8"
2nd Vincent Visconte 117 lbs 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd Brandon Ward
60 lbs
3rd John Brozak 
168 1/2  lbs

    Steve Ward
       129 5/8"

3rd Tom Behage
 108 lbs
3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd Brandon Ward
 0 lbs (Picture Only)

THIS IS A FIRST: Brandon Ward a Young Adult was the only Young Adult to enter deer and he won, Three 1st Places,
One 2nd Place
& One 3rd Place, for a total of $67.00. I got an E-Mail from his dad Dec. 7th and Brandon has taken 7
deer so far and is going to Ohio for there late bow season. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 Sat Feb 22nd & Thur. the 27th Ricky Smith our Pro Shooter shot back to back 60X 300's. He has
 had his new bow 9 days. Creekwood is so proud of Ricky and the fact all his work is paying off.               

If your visiting our site, wondering if you want to do business with us, click here for the CREEKWOOD FACTS.
        Creekwood has taken a new step toward, "SHOOT "EM IN THE MIDDLE". We have come up with our own copyrighted, and  TRADEMARKED,  420 TARGET  which will keep challenging you no matter how good a shooter you are. The targets are at the shop now so come shoot one. You shoot 12 ends of 5 arrows like a 300 round only on this target a perfect score is 420. Colors are different with a smaller "X" ring that jumps out at you. As of Feb 2012 Jesse Broadwater has the High Male Freestyle score of 401 (300 with 53 X's & 28 IX's) and Christie Colin has the High Female score of 378 (300 with 53 X's & 28 IX's). Come shoot one and see how you do. LIFE  IS  GOOD !
        On Thursday September 9th, 2021 we will be celebrating our 25rd anniversary. What a trip to; "SHOOT 'EM IN THE MIDDLE". We want to thank each and every customers, over 11,500 now for sharing our twenty fifthr trip around the sun. We are so very fortunate to be involved with the success of our customers. It gets better every year. Thanks for you being you. LIFE  IS  GOOD ! It is hard work, but is all worth it in the long run.

Below are my political views - Nothing to do with our business at Creekwood Archery - To my knowledge, a very large majority of our customers are working people:
            Think about it. On November 3rd of 2020 YOU have an obligation to vote. The reason you are obligated is because the freedom you and I have, was and still is purchased by American's who gave part of their lives, or their literal life for the rights we all have and enjoy every day. Think about it. And voting is one of them. I am totally embarrassed at the number of customers we have that don't vote. I also know without a doubt, that every vote YOU cast or don't cast will affect my business, and every other business in this country. You see business is what makes everything happen. Think about it. This is the SECOND TIME in our recent countries history where YOU can vote for someone who isn't a politician. Think about it. How have we been doing with our politicians in recent times. Think about it. Yes, I know, there is no perfect candidate ever. But, think about it. If you think your only choice is to vote for sucks one or sucks two, by you not voting for your sucks one, sucks two gets an advantage. Think about it. It was our great work ethic that made this country great. Isn't it time we vote to turn around the recent trends. Think about it. It should be obvious if your paying attention. PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT. Vote any way you want, but vote. It will count. Think about it.
If you don't like our countries economy, our congress, how we interface with countries abroad or across our borders, our Mexican border issues, how the US government spends your tax money abroad and how your laws are being enforced, then I strongly suggest you consider voting. For me, I'm voting for Donald Trump. PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT