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 All weekdays we are open by Appointment for Parties, Groups, Corporate Events,   Lessons & Archery Emergencies. Call 392-2030 or 217-6981 my cell #
 Tuesday Thru Friday --- We are open 4:00pm to 9:00pm <-----------------<<<
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 Sunday & Mondays we are CLOSED - Check the calendar to the left to be sure.
 FOR OTHER HOURS BY APPOINTMENT - CALL 217-6981  <-----------------<<<

 NOTICE:  If you have a DEER to weigh call 217-6981  <-------------------<<<

 LEAGUE STARTING:  On Friday Oct 11th we have a 10 week Vegas League starting. Get a head start on your winter leagues. 

 LEAGUE STARTING:  On Saturday Oct 12 we have a 10 week Youth League starting. Come have some fun.

 When your in a League all your practice time is 1/2 price, in this case for 10 weeks. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 Creekwood Archery's Tower is waiting for you to come practice. Three levels - 8', 12' & 16'. Come & Get Er Done !  Targets are 5 to 40 yards - Every 5 yards - LIFE  IS GOOD !

Click to see how the  DEER CONTEST  works.

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025


  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
1st Kent Barker       151 lbs 1st Kent Barker   102 2/8" 1st Dalton Moyer  112 lbs 1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet 1st Dalton Moyer  112 lbs
2nd Tom Behage      120 1/2 lbs 2nd Tom Behage     60 1/8" 2nd Darren Blocker Jr  70 lbs 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd Darren Blocker Jr  70 lbs
3rd Bob Bryan      Spike Buck 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd Jeremy Browe Picture Only 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet

 On Sept 9th we will be open 23 years.  What a trip to "SHOOT EM IN THE MIDDLE"  . We have created many State & National Champions plus our customers have harvested the game of their dreams. If this appeals to you, come to CREEKWOOD ARCHERY and you be treated like family.  We have the only archery range left in Monroe County. Come and experience Creekwood Archery.

 We Are Worth The Drive, But Not If we are CLOSED when you get here.  <-------------------<<<   
 Creekwood has OPEN SHOOTING to the public both Inside & Outside, unless there is a league and all our Leagues welcome guest shooters. Don't be bashful.
Pre-Pay your 2020 Winter League & get HALF PRICE SHOOTING all Spring, Summer & Fall. If you take advantage of this, your Winter League CAN BE A DEAL, even FREE, and as a bonus YOU BECOME A BETTER SHOOTER. 


 OPEN SHOOTING INSIDE  Means shoot indoors on 15 lanes up to 30 yards, heated & Air Conditioned, your indoor playground.
 OPEN SHOOTING OUTSIDE  Means shoot outdoors on one of 3 ranges, your outdoor playground,  # 1  Our East Range from 10 to 40 yards -  # 2  On our Tower Range from a 8', 12' or 16' platforms at targets from 5 to 40 yards, every 5 yards -  # 3  On our BIG TARGETS Range out back at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 100 yards. Your own personal total archery playground.
 We are here to give you the same high quality service we have
 for over 23 years. What ever your archery goals are, we have the ability
 to make them happen.
  EVERYTHING at Creekwood Archery is on sale.
 We are having 
"The Early  Bird Gets The BEST STUFF Sale"  Bows, 
 Arrows, Releases, Broadheads, Stabilizers, EVERYTHING !! Priced way
 down - Pass the word - Great deals - We are slowly converting are
 Archery business to better serve you - Yes we are still dealers for all
 our bow companies and can order what ever you needs are.
 !  Don't be a late bird.       (;>}    
 AT YOUR HOUSE.                               LIFE  IS  GOOD !
 Pictures from Week # 3 of "The Ron Coyle FUN League".

                              Getting Ready                                                                            The Shooters
                         Scoring & Ball Busting                                    Butch Cooley with the 2nd Robinhood of the league. 
                                                                                  LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 <-----------------<<<  LIFE  IS  GOOD !  <-----------------<<<

      Starting in May on Wednesday @ 7:00pm we are having a Ron Coyle FUN LEAGUE. Come & check    
                   it out ! If Wed evening isn't good for you, you can shoot it any time we are open. It's FUN & DIFFERENT.

  This was our league debut of our new LED range lighting            Ken Marciano shoots a Robinhood in the 10 ring on an
Come in and experience what an Archery Range should be.               animal target in our new Ron Coyle FUN League

      Girl Scouts from Rochester came out and had a
                                 wonderful time.

 Pictures from our Winter League Youth Party at Creekwood Archery.

 Pictures from our Winter Adult Leagues - Indoor 3D, 420/300 & 450 Vegas Adult Party at Creekwood Archery.

The  NYFAB INDOOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS  were, March 29th, 30th & 31st. This is the first year
in over 25 years that Marcia or I won't be there. Neither one of us are shooting competition any
more, but we have wonderful memories from attending this event. We have quite a few shooters
going down and know they will have a great time there. We wish all the archers from everywhere
attending this event to have a safe, wonderful trip and "SHOOT EN IN THE MIDDLE". Click HERE to
see Creekwood's results from the State Championships.

The  10th Annual 420 Pro/Am  wasn't the biggest one we ever had, but everyone that shot it had a good shoot.
Trina Kenney sang the National Anthem Friday and Saturday. We recorded her singing and with her permission,
she will become our standard. On Sunday, she couldn't sing, so the Sunday shooters just had the every day
average, run of the mill, Lee Greenwood, Trina's back up singer Just kidding Lee, if the web crawlers find my
comments. M & T Bank showed up with pop & two big sheet pizzas. We had just rebuilt all the targets so they
scored really tight. On Monday it was Marcia's B-Day and that night I got sick and one day later Marcia came
down with it. It is now Friday 3/08 and we are still hacking, whatever that means. Click HERE for the final results.
I apologize for not getting out the results in a timely manor. Thank God for our now 2nd round of antibiotics !
                                                                        LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 Gift Certificates at Creekwood Archery make a great gift for your archery friends. And we can do it over the phone.

Come to our Sunday, "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" shoot on Sunday mornings. This is the best deal we have at
Creekwood Archery. $8.00 for over 2 hours of shooting which any other time costs you $10.00 per hour. This
is a fun shoot which we let you experience are facility for CHEEP ! LIFE  IS  GOOD !

        I have some SUPER NEWS and some news that is driving me nuts in regard to The
Creekwood Archery deer contest.
        First of all for THE SUPER NEWS our WINNER Darren Blocker Jr. in the YOUNG
ADULT buck division harvested a buck which broke two all time records. For weight,
Darren's buck weighed 185 pounds breaking the David Slone Jr. record of 170 1/4 pounds
in 1999. For rack Darren's buck scored 130 6/8" a Pope & Young Buck breaking again a
David Slone old record of 116 4/8" also of 1999. This is a big deal.  Congratulations Darren
Blocker Jr.
        Now for the driving me nuts news, some of the pictures of the deer in the deer
contest you can see and some you can't.   (:>{   I am still working on it. My computer was in the hospital for almost a
week. It's still giving me grief.
  If you are wishing you could upgrade your bow but your waiting for a deal, we have your deal. Prices to
 match E-Bay on brand new never been sold bows. Only one left hander but  all priced to move now. Now is your   
 chance to upgrade and get a great deal on a great bow. They are all 50 to 60 pound bows. We also have older bows
 which we are going to blow out if  you need a back up or a carp bow.

 Be sure to check out the NEW YOUNG ADULT entry in our deer contest.

 See Deer Contest 2018 results below:

 If you have a issue with your equipment or need help with your shooting Creekwood is here to help you.

 Fall 420/300 League pictures 11/01/18.



Join our trip to "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" - A 22 Year Long Trip so far. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 Come In And shoot the NEW 2018 HOYT HyperForce - LIFE  IS  GOOD !  <------------------<<<

CREEKWOOD ARCHERY IS YOUR ARCHERY HEADQUARTERS - Open To The Public - Bows, Arrows, Lessons, Rentals, Spot Leagues, 3D Leagues, Youth Leagues, Youth Programs, Rental Bows, Indoor Range, Two Outdoor Ranges, Heated & Air Conditioned, Shoot Indoors up to 30 yards, Outdoors 10 to 100 yards.
            Welcome to the Creekwood Archery "The FUN PLACE in ARCHERY" web site.  To know what's happening, check our monthly calendars on the left. We hope you will visit both our shop and our web site often. The results our customers achieve prove we work hard to make the sport of archery fun and to serve everyone from the beginner to the most experienced target archer and bowhunter. Our hunters and target archers are a testimonial to THE EXPERTISE at Creekwood Archery. Let us know how we can help you on your trip to, "SHOOT EM' IN THE MIDDLE", by either stopping by for a visit or sending us email at ben@creekwoodarchery.com  or  marcia@creekwoodarchery.com  
        Creekwood Archery is located in Upstate New York just 21 miles NNW from downtown Rochester at 451 Lawrence Road, Brockport, NY 14420. Our phone number is (585) 392-2030. We are a full service archery shop with multiple ranges, to meet all of your archery needs, with state champions, certified mechanics and instructors on staff, for your lessons, maintenance, or repairs. We offer indoor and outdoor shooting plus Indoor 3D on Tuesday & Wednesday for 14 weeks starting in January.
        Creekwood is proud to offer compound bows from  HOYT ,  PSE ,  ELITE ,  MARTIN  and  PARKER  bows & crossbows. We stock traditional bows from Hoyt, PSE & Martin. We custom make all our customers arrows. If it's a  GOOD THING  in archery, we probably stock it. If it's a well advertised  BAD THING , we will tell you about it. Yes we will, treat you like family. We also handle used bows for kids if you desire a previously enjoyed bow for same.
        If you haven't shot a new bow in a few years, you don't know what a bow can be like. Even if your not ready to buy a new bow yet, you need to know what the ultimate bow feels like. Come in and shoot one. Hoyt is our # 1 selling bow and has been every year since we became a dealer.  COME SHOOT ONE !

On our WEB Site anything with text that is underlined is a link to that subject. 

 Miranda Green came in to get her Super Bowl Football
   she won in the State Wide Super Bowl Tournament   

 The Spring Youth League is Saturdays mornings from 10 to 11:30am.

This is Elizabeth Kuhlkin who ust picked up her bow we just set up.

Friday night Maddy Conover came in to set her 10, 15 & 20 yard pins. |
                        Her 1st Robinhood was shot at 20 yards.

              Her 1st Robinhood was shot at 20 yards. KIDS RULE !

 NOTICE:  Our Tower will be open in the spring if you need an elevated platform to practice from. 8', 12', & 16',
                 with targets every 5 yards from 5 to 40 yards. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 For pictures of our 2018 Youth League & Adult Youth League Click HERE .

 The Spring 60-50-40 League begins Thurday Starting May 3rd at 6:00pm.
Bob Bryan, Paul & Julie Shaver, and Beth Gregory shot the 60-50-40 last Thursday Night.

 For pictures of our 2018 3D League, 420/300 League & 450 Vegas League Click HERE . 

 For the PICTURES of The 2018 Mid-Atlantics Tournament @ Creekwood Archery click HERE .

 For the PICTURES of our 9th Annual 420 Pro/Am Tournament click HERE .

 For the RESULTS  of our 9th Annual 420 Pro/Am Tournament click HERE .

 If you would like to see pictures of our leagues, click below:

 Tues & Wednesday Indoor 3D League click HERE for pictures. 

 Thursday 420/300 League click HERE for pictures.

 Friday 450 Vegas League click HERE for pictures.

 Saturday Youth League click HERE for pictures.

 Saturday Adult / Youth League click HERE for pictures.

On Monday Jan 29th we hosted The NYFAB Super Bowl 450 Vegas Shoot. Click HERE for pictures.

420/300 League STARTS JAN 4th @ 7:00pm
450 Vegas League STARTS JAN 5th @ 7:00pm <------------------<<<
Youth League STARTS JAN 6th @ 10:00am <------------------<<<
Yes it is "0" degrees out, but that doesn't stop our kids from showing up for their YOUTH LEAGUE
                                                                      LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Adult/Youth League STARTS JAN 6th @ 4:00pm

 MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  Three weeks ago at our Sunday, "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" Shoot, Jesse Foster shot a 401 on the 420 5 Spot target. His score, 300+42 IX's+59 X's = 401 is the same exact score Jesse Broadwater shot at our Creekwood Archery 420 Pro/Am, making him the 3rd person to shoot a 401. 401 is the highest score ever achieved on the target. He was shooting a beautiful 2018 Blue Mathews Target bow and I am so proud to have Jesse shoot at Creekwood Archery. Jesse Foster is going to be a person to watch for this year on the indoor circuit. In 2016 Ted Strychalski shot a 401 at the 7th Annual 420 Pro/Am. Ted Shot 300+41 IX's+60 X's = 401, just one inside IX short of the record. Our 9th 420 Pro/am this year will be February 2nd, 3rd & 4th at Creekwood Archery. I talked with Jesse last Sunday at the "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" and he didn't even realize he had shot a 401.

Vivian Chadsey shows up as a colorful unicorn & shot pretty good = Our 1st Unicorn

Click HERE (Changed 1/1/18) to see Brian Stell's HONOR NIGHT at Creekwood on Monday Dec 18th, 2017.
It was something we have never done before. Over 25 people came and was a good time.
GOD SPEED BRIAN STELL ! You will be missed.

                                                 Kids are rocking at Creekwood
Big events going on at Creekwood Archery for your future planning:

1) Monday January 29th, NYFAB Super Bowl Mail in Tournament - Shoot a Single Spot or
    Three Spot Vegas Face. We open at 6:00pm & the shoot is at 7:00pm - Sign Up NOW !
2) Friday, Saturday & Sunday February 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2018 Creekwood's 8th Annual 420 Pro/Am.
    This is a shoot for all ages & abilities on a target that challenges the Pros, but is the same for
    the novices. Friday Line @ 8:00pm - Saturday Lines @ 9:00am & 2:00pm - Sunday Line @ 1:00pm

3) March 2nd, 3rd & 4th Mid-Atlantic Indoor Sectional Tournament (Shot over 7 States) You will be
    shooting the NFAA 5 Spot or NFAA single spot target, which is the same one you shoot here on
    Sunday's, or the 420/300 League. All NFAA rules will apply. Come shoot it & see how you rank
    locally as well as the entire Mid Atlantic region. The Saturday Line is @ 6:30pm & The Sunday
    Lines are at 9:00am & 1:00pm. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

life  is  good in the middle !
Creekwood's  Sunday  Shoot  Em  In  The  Middle
                This shoot is for young and old alike. It will be at 9:30 on Sunday mornings.
Coffee & Donuts will be available at 9:00am. We will be shooting the Single or Five Spot
target, 2 ends of practice  followed by 12 ends of scoring. No memberships or
affiliations are required. Some of the Sunday shooters in Aug. & Sept. shoot our TOWER
instead of shooting Spots indoors. The Tower is $12.00/ Hr.

After the first day of shooting at the National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama, Paul Shaver was in 4th place &
Julie his bride was sitting in 2nd place - LIFE  IS  GOOD !
When it was over Julie Shaver took The Silver Medal and Paul Shaver placed 5th. What a great showing for the
Shaver family & Creekwood Archery. We are very proud of our shooters, and their accomplishments. The Shaver's
have arrived to "SHOOT Em In The MIDDLE".

Paul & Julie have been a part of Creekwood Archery since the beginning. LIFE  IS  GOOD !
Paul is also President of Rochester Bow Hunters in Bergen, NY.

The winter league parties were a hoot - If you have any pictures, send them to me. THANKS - I am getting mine together.

4/22/17 - Chris Davis just shot a 60X 300 with 37 IX's - LIFE IS GOOD ! We are putting up a PERSONAL BEST WALL for you to hang your targets.

 Creekwood Went To States And They Knew We Were There.

Our 8th Annual 420 Pro/Am was awesome - Click  HERE  for pictures.
       With the help of my wonderful daughter-in-law, Carin Adams here are the results.
 Our 8th Annual 420 Pro/Am was awesome - Click  HERE  for results.

 We have a Sunday Morning "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" shoot at 9:30am on Starting August 13th. Come on down - Adults $8.00 & Kids $5.00 - The best deal of 2017.
Sunday Shoots -   Creekwood Archery has a Sunday "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE"  shoot most every Sunday @ 9:30 Click  HERE  for a schedule or Click
 HERE  for details.

 Creekwood archery is open to the public - 15 indoor lanes up to 30 yards - two outdoor ranges - and a full blown Pro-Shop for all your archery needs.
 We are working on 23 years in the building and 25 years in business which should tell you Creekwood Archery is the place to go.

         It Is Best If You Check Our Calendar       
         To The Left For When We Are Open       
       We Are Worth The Drive, But Not If We     
              Are Closed when you get here            

   Here are the winners from the 2017 Deer Contest:  

    Click on year you would like to see. Last updated 10/5/16 @ 2:41pm

1996 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Yes, we had the pumpkin shoot and what a hoot it was. We had 16 kids and that was with 6 no-shows. Click  HERE  for the pictures.

Ron Coyle, (My shooting partner, your bow mechanic and my friend) and I went to the New York Senior Games on Friday in Cortland NY and brought home some hardware. By winning a medal we have qualified to go to the National Senior Games.  NEW  - Next year if you are 40 by Dec. 31st you can shoot this shoot in the Masters Division until your 50 when you become old enough to play with the BIG DOGS.  LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 Well The Special 2016 Youth 420 Tournament is over and it was a total success. We had 5 Young Adults, 9 Youth and 9 Cubs for a total of 23 Shooters. A Cub, Ricky Wright, 11 years old from Heritage Archery kicked every bodies butt with a score of 353 with 42 X's & 12 IX's. For complete results click HERE.            LIFE  IS  GOOD !  

 6th Annual 2015 420/Pro/Am Tournament 

 Click  HERE  for Final Results     {:>}       Click  HERE  for Pictures     {:>}    

    Click on year you would like to see.

1996 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

               Current Results as of 11/23/15 for the 2015 Deer Contest - 7 Does (2 West Virginia) - 11 Bucks (2 Montana) 
                     With Shane Price's BUCK I really feel like we are having a deer contest. FOUR nice bucks in now.
    The bucks are running does hard now, big time. Still the worst deer contest results in 21 years, but it is getting better.
                                                           The game is almost over. We are late in the 4th quarter.
                                              No deer were brought in the last 10 days of the early archery season.
                                                   Last year at this time we had 28 deer in - This year 16
                              Score DEC Management & Coyotes, 1 - Bow Hunters & Crossbow Shooters, 0
                   The governor and company are now successfully putting a hurting on outdoor recreation. 
                               If the DEC Management decision makers had another brain it would be lonely.
                             Of course you know the upper DEC management are appointed by the governor.
                       I herd this week, if the DEC dosen't get the results they want this season they are going
                       to have a muzzle loader season before the bow season next year.  Thats 100% STUPID !

 NOTICE: To the DEC appointed management, if you want does to die, the 1st deer tag should be a doe tag, report it  
 filled and  receive a buck tag, report it filled and receive a 2nd doe tag, report it filled and receive a 2nd buck tag, report 
 it and filled receive a 3rd doe tag, report it filled and receive a 3rd buck tag. ETC, ETC. BUCKS are the key to attaining     
 the harvest records you strive for, not trying to FORCE a hunter to alter their,  passions, plans & dreams. Your muzzle   
 loader license sales will be down  this year because, if you can't harvest a buck hunters won't spend the money. The     
 hunters can kill does for meat with any weapon.       Get some smarts DEC and design your plan to fit hunters desires.   

  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
1st  Shane Price
196 lbs
1st Shane Price
 110 7/8"
1st Brandon Ward
91 lbs
1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet 1st Brandon Ward
91 lbs
2nd Ed Prince III
169 lbs
2nd  Ed Prince III
 101 4/8"
2nd Jason Graybill
 89 lbs
2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd Brandon Ward
65 lbs
3rd  Tom Behage
149 lbs
3rd Ron  Penna
90 2/8"
3rd Ed Downey
 73 lbs
3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd Brandon Ward
57 lbs

                                                     WCS = Wooda, Coulda, Shoulda = Not in contest   

  Buck Weight Adult  WCS   Buck Rack Adult  WCS   Doe Weight Adult  WCS   Buck Weight Youth  WCS   Buck Rack Youth  WCS   Doe Weight Youth WCS
1st Todd Clay
 185 lbs
1st Todd Clay
128 1/8" P & Y
1st Bob Bryan
 113 lbs
1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet
2nd Chip DeVay
 161 lbs CB
2nd  Chip DeVay
112 5/8" CB
2nd Karen Polito 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet
3rd Neil Egenlauf
 161 lbs
3rd  Neil Egenlauf
101 6/8"
3rd Karen Polito 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet

Click to see how the  DEER CONTEST  works.

            The Final Results of the 2014 Deer Contest              28 Deer 11/14/14                     LIFE  IS  GOOD !             

  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
1st Travis Despot 184 lbs 1st Travis Despot 154 5/8" 1st Brandon Clark 129 lbs 1st Brandon Ward 135 1/2 lbs 1st Brandon Ward 80 2/8" 1st Brandon Ward
89 lbs
2nd Dustin Meridith 
176 1/2  lbs
2nd John Brozak
131 6/8"
2nd Vincent Visconte 117 lbs 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd Brandon Ward
60 lbs
3rd John Brozak 
168 1/2  lbs

    Steve Ward
       129 5/8"

3rd Tom Behage
 108 lbs
3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd Brandon Ward
 0 lbs (Picture Only)

THIS IS A FIRST: Brandon Ward a Young Adult was the only Young Adult to enter deer and he won, Three 1st Places,
One 2nd Place
& One 3rd Place, for a total of $67.00. I got an E-Mail from his dad Dec. 7th and Brandon has taken 7
deer so far and is going to Ohio for there late bow season. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Six Blind drawing $10.00winners for 2014: Your Name, Your Name, Your Name, Your Name, Your Name & Your Name


NOTE: 3rd Place for Doe Weight is Tom Behage @ 108 lbs, NOT Dustin Meridith @ 101 1/2 lbs as it shows on the adult board.

 Results 2013 Deer Contest:

  Buck Weight   Buck Rack   Doe Weight Adult   Doe Weight Youth  
1st Terry Allen 1st Terry Allen 1st Clarence Moyer 1st Clarence Moyer 1st
2nd Brian Wooden 2nd Brian Wooden 2nd Andrea Ayles 2nd Andrea Ayles 2nd
3rd Dustin Meredith 3rd Jackie Goslau 3rd Ed Downey 3rd No Entry 3rd

Blind drawing winners for 2013: Ed Downey, Rich Goslau, Jim Pandina, Mike Roffe, Tom Sawyer & Jerry Tinkous

How the  DEER CONTEST  works.

  Creekwood went to The NYS Championships in Oneonta and we brought home some hardware.
HERE for details.      We had FUN !      LIFE  IS  GOOD !   

 Sat Feb 22nd & Thur. the 27th Ricky Smith our Pro Shooter shot back to back 60X 300's. He has
 had his new bow 9 days. Creekwood is so proud of Ricky and the fact all his work is paying off.

 Curtis Gallagher, one of our shooters in our Indoor 3D League shot a perfect 250 score the third week of February. This is a hunting league where you shoot sitting on a stump,    kneeling on a cushion, standing with  one foot in a box, out of a treestand and finally out of a ground blind. There are obstacles in the way and there is a moving target. What is so special about this is in 18 years of this league there have only been four people to ever do it.          LIFE  IS  GOOD !                  

 5th Annual 420 Pro/Am Tournament

 Click  HERE  for results of the 2014 420 Pro/Am - Click  HERE  for pictures of the 2014 420 Pro/Am

If your visiting our site, wondering if you want to do business with us, click here for the CREEKWOOD FACTS.

 After Fall Youth League 11/9/13

 Hilton Parma Rec finished week 6 on 11/1/13. What a great group.

 4th Annual 420 Pro/Am Tournament

 Click  HERE  for results of the 2013 420 Pro/Am  

 Click  HERE  for pictures of the 2013 420 Pro/Am

For results of the 2012 420 Pro/Am click HERE
For pictures of the 2012 420 Pro/Am click HERE
 $$$$$  PROS  $$$$  AMATEURS  $$$$  YOUTH  $$$$  FUN FOR EVERYONE  $$$$$

        Creekwood has taken a new step toward, "SHOOT "EM IN THE MIDDLE". We have come up with our own copyrighted, and soon to be TRADEMARKED,  420 TARGET  which will keep challenging you no matter how good a shooter you are. The targets are at the shop now so come shoot one. You shoot 12 ends of 5 arrows like a 300 round only on this target a perfect score is 420. Colors are different with a smaller "X" ring that jumps out at you. As of Feb 2012 Jesse Broadwater has the High Male Freestyle score of 401 (300 with 53 X's & 28 IX's) and Christie Colin has the High Female score of 378 (300 with 53 X's & 28 IX's). Come shoot one and see how you do. LIFE  IS  GOOD !
        On SEPTEMBER 9th, 2014 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. What a trip to; "SHOOT 'EM IN THE MIDDLE". We want to thank each and every customer for sharing our twentieth year trip. We are so very fortunate to be involved with the success of our customers. It gets better every year. Thanks for you being you. LIFE  IS  GOOD ! It is hard work, but is all worth it in the long run.

Below are my political views - Nothing to do with our business at Creekwood Archery:
Below are my political views - Nothing to do with our business at Creekwood Archery - To my knowledge, a very large majority of our customers are working people:
            Think about it. In November of 2016 YOU have an obligation to vote. The reason you are obligated is because the freedom you and I have, was and still is purchased by American's who gave part of their lives, or their literal life for the rights we all have and enjoy every day. Think about it. And voting is one of them. I am totally embarrassed at the number of customers we have that don't vote. I also know without a doubt, that every vote YOU cast or don't cast will affect my business, and every other business in this country. You see business is what makes everything happen. Think about it. This is the FIRST TIME in our recent countries history where YOU can vote for someone who isn't a politician. Think about it. How have we been doing with our politicians in recent times. Think about it. Yes, I know, there is no perfect candidate ever. But, think about it. If you think your only choice is to vote for sucks one or sucks two, by you not voting for your sucks one, sucks two gets an advantage. Think about it. It was our great work ethic that made this country great. Isn't it time we vote to turn around the recent trends. Think about it. It should be obvious if your paying attention. PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT. Vote any way you want, but vote. It will count. Think about it.
If you don't like our countries economy, how we interface with ISIS, our Mexican border issues, how the US government spends your tax money
abroad and how your laws are being enforced, then I strongly suggest you consider voting for Donald Trump.

           I am totally disgusted with the gunning down of officer Daryl Pierson leaving a wife and two kids by a maggot who recently was paroled, less than three weeks, and never reported in. What kind of a system is that? Many of the things happening in our society are the result of our leadership. Our leadership in NYS (the absolute toilet of our 50 states) and the equally astute leadership in the White House is at fault. The day Daryl was shot was less than a week after a 14 year old girl was raped in downtown Rochester during the day by a parolee who had only been out one day. This plus everything else going on is where I personally have had enough.  The blame is, THE POST TURTLES  who are in charge. Our governor got there because of New York city votes. Our president got there by the low information or people on the dole voters. These POST TURTLES  who allow, create and encourage our current problems are where the problem lies. I hope not, but actually maybe you, the person who looks back in your mirror, could be part of the problem. In NYS there are approximately 6 million gun owners. Donít get me wrong, this is not a political thing I am bringing up, IT IS A SOLUTION, I believe to our problems of our country and state. I am a registered Republican, but I almost never vote on the Republican line. It is my way of saying to the Republican Party, Iím voting for your person, but on a different line, to send them my message. In our last NYS election: 5,873,844 Democrats voted and 2,785,773 Republicans voted. If you are a gun owner you out-number those 5,873,844 votes and most of our customers are gun owners. If you donít vote, you are the reason we have POST TURTLES for our leadership. The politiciansí goal and plan is to PISS YOU OFF to the point where you donít want to vote. THEY DO IT ON PURPOSE.
            It is easier to influence a smaller group of people and once you get to where we are now, with more people depending on the government for hand-outs than are actually working, paying taxes, the POST TURTLE  has you the worker, right where he wants you. If the 6 million gun owners in NYS would get out and vote instead of using all the stupid politically created excuses for not voting, Albany could be changed. Maybe the change wonít be perfect, but it will be a step in the right direction. Do you foresee a change for the better in your future with our current POST TURTLEíS leadership? The family values, common sense, our work ethic, our freedoms, our liberty, everything our armed services stands for and has fought for, the future of our kids, and our grandchildren is on the chopping block. If you donít vote, you are the one who is actually responsible for the way things are because the voters with their hands out, do vote. A lot of people tell me their vote doesnít count. This is the way math works if you vote: +1 and -1 = 0 votes, your vote worked. If you donít vote: +1 and 0 = +1 vote (you lose). If all the gun owners would get out and vote, Cuomo would be history. There are more gun owners than people who voted Democratic in the last NYS election.
            The police are doing their part. The judges are being too liberal. The majority of our welfare money should be spent on prisons to hold the people who break the laws of our country. They should be in prison for the law they broke, not some reduced made up charge. If they are not ready to be paroled, they shouldnít be.
            Talk this over with everyone you know who owns a gun, or has a brain, and lets together change the way things are going in your life. Forward this to all your friends no matter what you think their political tendencies are. Your freedoms, future and everything this country has stood for in the past is at stake. If you doubt my numbers go to NYS board of elections (www.elections.ny.gov/nysboe/enrollment/county/county_a) to see where Iím coming from. These are real numbers and numbers don't lie.
            They say on the internet, I'm opinionated. Yes I am. I try real hard to make common sense decisions for the betterment of my business, family and anyone else I interface with. A POST TURTLE, didn't get on top of the post by himself based on his qualifications, he doesn't belong up there, and he doesn't know what to do while he's up there. He just continues to work on staying up there because of the power and benefits he gets and doesnít deserve, and you just have to wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there to begin with.
There is no freedom without capitalism and there is no capitalism without freedom. Hand outs are for losers and are NOT DESERVED. I'm concerned about my three grandchildrenís future. Small Business in New York State is a joke compared to the rest of the country. I have to pay NYS $50.00 for the privilege of collecting their sales tax. I'm really concerned about are countryís future, because of the current leadership, if you can call it that.

            PRAY for our people in the Armed Services - They are the only part of our federal government I personally trust. Pray for our police who protect our law abiding citizens. - WHEN IS ENOUGH GOING TO BE ENOUGH? - DO WE REALLY HAVE TO HIT BOTTOM BEFORE WE WAKE UP? - HOW MUCH MORE CAN YOU STAND? Every November you have the choice to be part of the problem or part of the beginning of the repair of our TOWNS, COUNTY, STATE & COUNTRY'S GOVERNMENT.