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     Posted 12/1/22 
    NOTICE      If it says YES above, there will be a Thursday night shoot. 
Or if it says NO above there is not a shoot Thursday because the parking
lot isn't plowed or it's a Holidy LIFE  IS  GOOD !


    NOTICE INDOOR SHOOTING:      We have  INDOOR SHOOTING , every Thursday nights, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.
 It is $15.00 and your paper target is $1.00. If you need to rent a bow, that is $10.00. This is the most inexpensive
shooting we have ever offered at Creekwood  Archery in over 26 years. I miss the peoples, BIG TIME !


    APPOINTMENTS      Are for lessons, bow sales, arrow sales, corporate events, Scout troops and equipment
 evaluation. Anything having to do with archery except shooting time. Appointments are available any time
 except Thursday late afternoon and evening. Life Is GOOD !

This was posted 11/11/2022 -  Our New York State government is trying and accomplishing to
make bow and gun hunting go away with their crap on line classes where students
maybe only learn 10 to 20% of what they would learn in a real class. Next they will
probably get rid of all the teachers in our schools and have school on line for all our
kids. I just can't believe how stupid our leaders absolutely are. Our Department Of
Environmental Conservation could be in the top 5 of all states if the top management
wasn't appointed by the governor. If the leadership moved up internally from within
the DEC would be a shining star. We have wonderful hunting, fishing and trapping
opportunities in our state.

 All weekdays except Thursday Night we are open by Appointment only  For information on what is  available to you, call 217-6981 my cell # to schedule an appointment.
 Thursday Evenings ONLY - OPEN SHOOTING INDOORS  <------------<<<
 Thursday Evenings ONLY - SEE MAIN PAGE FOR DETAILS ! <-----------------<<<                         
                                                                             LIFE  IS  GOOD ! 

 Before you read whats below, understand, for me,  FAMILY & FRIENDS COME FIRST !  - No matter how much you love our country all you get is one vote and that one vote will not change your country, It's "We The People". My Web Site is the best place for me to vent. Not to my family and friends.
  Things for this 81 year old man are THE WORST THEY HAVE EVER BEEN, election wise.  (Election day, Nov 8th 2022) . I can't believe how brain dead the voting public was this week. All I can think of is N.Y.S. and this country hasn't hit bottom yet. People didn't vote FOR SOMETHING, they voted AGAINST SOMETHING. It seems that the majority of "We The People" have been brainwashed to the point where the way everything is, doesn't matter. Without change and compromise there will be NO CHANGE. Independent thinking is almost extinct.
Nobody wants to work. The work ethic is extinct.      2.) Let 90% the criminals out of prison.      3.) Taking guns off the street is really a good thing, (NOT) when three days later that criminal is back on the street with a different gun in his hand.      4.) It's not the judges and DAs that are the problem, it's the laws from Albany that they have to abide by.      5.) The cost of everything you need and buy is out of sight and is going to be really bad this winter.      6.) The open southern border with millions of illegal people entering our country is a major problem.      7.) I have five grandchildren, and they will be paying for all the stupid money the government is spending both foreign and domestic.      8.) All across our country the Democratic governments are in control, witch is good for them. We are back in time where we are under one government rule. That's why there is a United States Of America. No King here.     9) Covid didn't cause all our problems, they were all caused by the governments wanting to control and NOT COVID. I believe it is being done on purpose.    10) Many small business are gone. (And they tell us small business is the backbone of our country) Small business is hurting big time.    11) Are schools are a joke in Western NY. There are 686 Districts in NYS and Rochester is is in last place. No schools in Western NY made the top 100. Honeoye was the top one in Western NY. My friend Holly Sidebottom has a lot to do with that district. If you can get a copy of "Imprimis" Volume 51, Number 11 "Education As A Battleground",  you will totally understand what is being done to your children, my grandchildren, and all the young people in our country. The Bluer the state, the worse it is.    12) Our Churches are hurting, closed down for a while and now with numbers down the majority of the congregation are older people.    13) Our entire health care system is swirling in the commode. Staff went from our savior angles to being fired and now they pretend everything is A-OK.    14) Our 2nd Admement and Constitution are under attack. The "WE THE PEOPLE" are lousing your freedoms. The government works for us, NOT DICTATES to us. If you have read all my venting I hope I have generated something for you to think about. AGAIN THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND GETTING OUT TO VOTE IF YOU DID VOTE. LIFE  IS  GOOD ! CHANGE WILL COME SOME DAY - THINGS ALWAYS GO IN CYCLES - PLEASE KEEP THE FAITH IF YOU THINK THE WAY I DO. CHIN UP AND CARY ON. GET BACK TO THE GO

    THANK YOU      Things for this 80 year old man are better today  (The day after election day, Nov 2021) . I would like to thank everyone for voting. The results of yesterdays election have given me hope for the future. It seems that "We The People" are realizing and sitting up in the buggy, to the fact that the issues in our country are all caused by the government and NOT COVID. AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR CARING AND GETTING OUT TO VOTE. LIFE  IS  GOOD ! PLEASE KEEP IT UP, TO GET OVER THIS CRAP WE ARE EXPERIENCING, AND GET BACK TO THE GOOD LIFE AND OUR FREEDOMS.

    New York State Bowhunter Education Class Coming Up Sept 24th & 25th:      On the 24th from Noon to 5:00pm
 & On the 25th from 8:00am to 1:00pm - Sign Up On The DEC Web site or call 217-6981 my cell. This class was
 canceled by the DEC because of the stupid on line class where students don't learn pea-turkey-dog about
 bowhunting. The head of the DEC appointed by the governor is ruining our sport of hunting, fishing and trapping.

 If you like the way things are, DON'T  VOTE. I promise it will get worse. Friday October 14th is the last day you
 can register so you can vote. Wake Up New Yorker's ! You can't bitch about it if you don't vote.
God Bless You, Our State and Our Country.

    NOTICE      When you come to Creekwood Archery, this is the sign on the door.
                                                  I LOVE THIS COUNTRY.
                                           I LOVE OUR 2ND AMENDMENT.

                                GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS YOU !
                                             THANK YOU - Ben Adams owner

                                                          LIFE  IS  GOOD !


    CREEKWOOD SHOOTERS GO TO SENIOR GAMES      Well June 11th, 2022 Ben Adams, Ron Coyle, Kevin Kenyon and
three more shooters I am saying belong to Creekwood, Paul & Julie Shaver, plus Dave Benty (My Hero) thrown in for
good measure just because of our longevity together. It was really good to see them - Been a long time.
We drove down on Friday and stayed all night because The Chemung County Senior Games start at 8:30am on Saturday
morning. Creekwood Archery has attended this shoot for many years. It is held at The Chemung County Rod & Gun Club
in Breezeport, NY. It is run by Chemung County. Without Dennis Shehan, his brother Mike and other club members it
wouldn't be what it is. A GREAT, WELL RUN SHOOT !
   Dennis is the range captain and does a super job. The shoot consists of two five arrow rounds of practice at 60 yards
followed by four rounds of 5 arrows for score. Then there is one round of 5 arrows of practice at 50 yards followed by
four rounds of 5 arrows for score. Then there is one round of 5 arrows of practice at 40 yards followed by four rounds of
5 arrows for score. Competitors are classed by age, sex and equipment.
Ron & I were in the 80 to 84 year old class with release. Kevin was in the traditional finger release class 60 to 64. All week
we were watching the weather report and as the days went by the forecast got better and better. It ended up a beautiful
day with only a couple sprinkles. There was very little wind.
Ron took a 1st (I never can beat him - maybe someday), and I took a 2nd. Kevin took a 1st and shot his personal best. He
called me Monday and said he had a great time and was looking forward to next year. Paul & Julie both took a 1st place
and Dave Benty ( My Hero) medaled.
 The cost was $20.00 which included a shirt and a lunch with the results award ceremony. My goal was to see some old
friends, get a T-Shirt and eat a hotdog, never thinking I could finish. The most arrows I had shot since 2019 was probably
35. I shot my first arrow at 60 yards the Monday before the shoot. My low poundage caused me to move my peep up just
to get 60 yards and hit my scope with my fletch.
 We had a super time with some super people doing what they love. There were four married couples there which was a
first in my memory. THANK YOU DENNIS FOR A THE CLASS SHOOT YOU RAN. What you do and how you do it just make
    KODAK CORPORATE EVENT     At Creekwood Archery on Tuesday April 26th, 2022 from 6:00 to 8:00pm.
Our 1st big event since Covid - Boy, did it seem good. If I was younger, I would get back to normal.     
    LIFE IS GOOD !    

                  We were all ready.        It was, they call themselves THE YOUNG GEEK GROUP, from Eastman Kodak Company.

The group was 15 strong with more on a waiting list for another time. Two of the 15 had their own bows, and the rest were
                                 basically first timers. The girl in the yellow shirt, Shannon McCarthy organized it.
Ron, Marcia and I were all impressed with the way they shot. If you are one of the 15 and would like to put your pictures on
 my site, send them to ben@creekwoodarchery.com . I know there were some videos taken between some very
competitive co-workers. Everyone seemed to have a super time. Everyone in the building except for Dublin (Our Labrador
Retriever in charge of customer relations) either worked for Kodak or had previously worked for Kodak. All these young
people were proud to work there, a brand so strong it will never die. For us it was like, the circle was complete. We, the
owners, were young in the mid-sixties working at Kodak.                                       
    LIFE **********************************************************************************************************************************************************

        Creekwood has taken a new step toward, "SHOOT "EM IN THE MIDDLE". We have come up with our own copyrighted, and  TRADEMARKED,  420 TARGET  which will keep challenging you no matter how good a shooter you are. The targets are at the shop now so come shoot one. You shoot 12 ends of 5 arrows like a 300 round only on this target a perfect score is 420. Colors are different with a smaller "X" ring that jumps out at you. As of Nov 15 2021, Jesse Broadwater has the High Male Freestyle score of 401 (300 with 53 X's & 28 IX's) and Christie Colin has the High Female score of 378 (300 with 53 X's & 28 IX's). Come shoot one and see how you do. LIFE  IS  GOOD !
 I have been in the Rochester area, Monroe County since the mid-sixties and Monroe County has supported six to seven archery ranges at one time over all these years. It's hard to believe that Creekwood Archery is the only range in existence now. Archery is growing, not dying. Over the 25 1/2 years we have been open we have over 12,200 different customers have come thru our doors. Pro shops are the only place where you can be fitted correctly for your goals in archery. Fit, form, function and setup are key for you to shoot well. The best bow made set up wrong will not perform.

 On Frsday Sept 9th 2022 we will be open 26 years, if we haven't sold the business by then,  What a trip to "SHOOT EM IN THE MIDDLE"  That's more than a quarter Century   We have created many State & National  Champions plus our customers have harvested the game of their dreams. If this appeals to you, come to CREEKWOOD  ARCHERY and you be treated like family.   We have the only archery range left in Monroe County. We are open for indoor shooting Thursday nights. See this page above for the details. Come and  experience it at Creekwood Archery.  You won't be disapointed.  LIFE  IS  GOOD !  We Are Worth The Drive, But Not If we are CLOSED when you get here.  <-------------------<<<  SUNRISE & SUNSET TIMES IN OUR CALENDAR ARE FOR CREEKWOOD ARCHERYS LOCATION   
 OPEN SHOOTING MEANS OPEN SHOOTING TO THE PUBLIC.  Indoors on 15 lanes up to 30 yards, heated & Air Conditioned, your indoor archery playground.  Your own personal total archery playground. NOTICE:  We are here to give you the same high quality service we have for over 25 years. What ever your archery goals are, we have the ability to make them happen. Yes we are still dealers for all our bow companies and can order what ever you needs are.  LIFE  IS  GOOD                             

CREEKWOOD ARCHERY IS YOUR ARCHERY HEADQUARTERS - Open To The Public - Bows, Arrows, Lessons, Rentals, Spot Leagues, 3D Leagues, Youth Leagues, Youth Programs, Rental Bows, Indoor Range, Two Outdoor Ranges, Heated & Air Conditioned, Shoot Indoors up to 30 yards, Outdoors 10 to 60 yards. Welcome to the Creekwood Archery "The FUN PLACE in ARCHERY" web site.  To know what's happening, check our monthly calendars on the left. We hope you will visit both our shop and our web site often. The results our customers achieve prove we work hard to make the sport of archery fun and to serve everyone from the beginner to the most experienced target archer and bowhunter. Our hunters and target archers are a testimonial to THE EXPERTISE at Creekwood Archery. Let us know how we can help you on your trip to, "SHOOT EM' IN THE MIDDLE", by either stopping by for a visit or sending us email at ben@creekwoodarchery.com  or  marcia@creekwoodarchery.com  

        Creekwood Archery is located in Upstate New York just 21 miles NNW from downtown Rochester at 451 Lawrence Road, Brockport, NY 14420. Our phone number is (585) 392-2030. We are a full service archery shop with multiple ranges, to meet all of your archery needs, with state champions, certified mechanics and instructors on staff, for your lessons, maintenance, or repairs. We offer indoor and outdoor shooting plus Indoor 3D on Tuesday & Wednesday for 14 weeks starting in January.
        Creekwood is proud to offer compound bows from  HOYT ,  ELITE ,  AND    MARTIN   bows & crossbows. We stock traditional bows from Hoyt, & Martin. We custom make all our customers arrows. If it's a  GOOD THING  in archery, we probably stock it. If it's a well advertised  BAD THING , we will tell you about it. Yes we will, treat you like family. We also handle used bows for kids if you desire a previously enjoyed bow for same.
        If you haven't shot a new bow in a few years, you don't know what a bow can be like. Even if your not ready to buy a new bow yet, you need to know what the ultimate bow feels like. Come in and shoot one. Hoyt is our # 1 selling bow and has been every year since we became a dealer.  COME SHOOT ONE !

On our WEB Site anything with text that is underlined is a link to that subject. 

 MAJOR 420 ACHIEVMENTS:  Back in 2019 at our Sunday, "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" Shoot, Jesse Foster shot a 401 on the 420 5 Spot target. His score, 300+42 IX's+59 X's = 401 is the same exact score Jesse Broadwater shot at our Creekwood Archery 420 Pro/Am, making him the 3rd person to shoot a 401. 401 is the highest score ever achieved on the target. He was shooting a beautiful 2018 Blue Mathews Target bow and I am so proud to have Jesse shoot at Creekwood Archery. Jesse Foster is going to be a person to watch for on the indoor circuit and ASA's. In 2016 Ted Strychalski shot a 401 at the 7th Annual 420 Pro/Am. Ted Shot 300+41 IX's+60 X's = 401, just one inside IX short of the record. Our 9th 420 Pro/am this year will be February 2nd, 3rd & 4th at Creekwood Archery. I talked with Jesse last Sunday at the "Shoot Em In The MIDDLE" and he didn't even realize he had shot a 401.
life  is  good in the middle !

         It Is Best If You Check Our Calendar  To The Left For When We Are Open       
       We Are Worth The Drive, But Not If We  Are Closed when you get here            


  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
1st  Shane Price
196 lbs
1st Shane Price
 110 7/8"
1st Brandon Ward
91 lbs
1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet 1st Brandon Ward
91 lbs
2nd Ed Prince III
169 lbs
2nd  Ed Prince III
 101 4/8"
2nd Jason Graybill
 89 lbs
2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd Brandon Ward
65 lbs
3rd  Tom Behage
149 lbs
3rd Ron  Penna
90 2/8"
3rd Ed Downey
 73 lbs
3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd Brandon Ward
57 lbs

                                                     WCS = Wooda, Coulda, Shoulda = Not in contest   

  Buck Weight Adult  WCS   Buck Rack Adult  WCS   Doe Weight Adult  WCS   Buck Weight Youth  WCS   Buck Rack Youth  WCS   Doe Weight Youth WCS
1st Todd Clay
 185 lbs
1st Todd Clay
128 1/8" P & Y
1st Bob Bryan
 113 lbs
1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet 1st No Entry Yet
2nd Chip DeVay
 161 lbs CB
2nd  Chip DeVay
112 5/8" CB
2nd Karen Polito 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet
3rd Neil Egenlauf
 161 lbs
3rd  Neil Egenlauf
101 6/8"
3rd Karen Polito 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet

Click to see how the  DEER CONTEST  works.

            The Final Results of the 2014 Deer Contest              28 Deer 11/14/14                     LIFE  IS  GOOD !             

  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
1st Travis Despot 184 lbs 1st Travis Despot 154 5/8" 1st Brandon Clark 129 lbs 1st Brandon Ward 135 1/2 lbs 1st Brandon Ward 80 2/8" 1st Brandon Ward
89 lbs
2nd Dustin Meridith 
176 1/2  lbs
2nd John Brozak
131 6/8"
2nd Vincent Visconte 117 lbs 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd No Entry Yet 2nd Brandon Ward
60 lbs
3rd John Brozak 
168 1/2  lbs

    Steve Ward
       129 5/8"

3rd Tom Behage
 108 lbs
3rd No Entry Yet 3rd No Entry Yet 3rd Brandon Ward
 0 lbs (Picture Only)

THIS IS A FIRST: Brandon Ward a Young Adult was the only Young Adult to enter deer and he won, Three 1st Places,
One 2nd Place
& One 3rd Place, for a total of $67.00. I got an E-Mail from his dad Dec. 7th and Brandon has taken 7
deer so far and is going to Ohio for there late bow season. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 Sat Feb 22nd & Thur. the 27th Ricky Smith our Pro Shooter shot back to back 60X 300's. He has
 had his new bow 9 days. Creekwood is so proud of Ricky and the fact all his work is paying off.      

Fall Moose 2004


                This was not my first moose hunt but it was my first hunt in the Thunder Bay area of Ontario, Canada. In the spot we were hunting there would be three of us hunting; Glenn Wolff from Co-Operative Feed Dealers who I had talked with on the phone but first met on the trip, Pete Crawford, a good friend and our acting guide, who Glenn and I had both hunted with before, and myself, Ben Adams who owns Creekwood Archery in Brockport, NY along with my wife Marcia. There were maybe 14 of us hunting this first week of the archery season in various camps in the Thunder Bay area.
                It was a 20 minute fly in trip to camp which was a old log cabin built in 1920 on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a huge swamp with no passable roads thru it unless the peninsula is being timbered. I was helped off the plane by a young lady named Natalie which turned out to be one of the owners wives. The first three days we were finding sign, hearing a few moose but there were no sightings. We went and explored a small finger of the lake which went back to the previous hunting camp location, and we decided they moved the location of the camp to get out of the middle of the moose habitat. We found old dates carved in the trees of moose kills etc. We all liked the look of the area and decided to hunt it the next day.         

    THANK YOU      Things for this 80 year old man are better today. I would like to thank everyone for voting on November 2nd 2021. The results of you voting has given me hope for the future. It seems that "WeThe People" are realizing and wakening up to the fact that the issues in our country are all caused by the government and NOT COVID. AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR CARING AND GETTING OUT TO VOTE. LIFE  IS  GOOD !  If we loose our freedom here, there is no place else to go.

Below are my political views - Nothing to do with our business at Creekwood Archery - To my knowledge, a very large majority of our customers are working people:
            Think about it. In November YOU have an opportunity and in my opinion an obligation to vote. The reason you are obligated is because the freedom you and I have, was and still is purchased by American's who gave part of their lives, or their literal life for the rights we all have and enjoy every day. Think about it. And voting is one of them. I am totally embarrassed at the number of customers we have that don't vote. I also know without a doubt, that every vote YOU cast or don't cast will affect my business, and every other business in this country. You see business is what makes everything happen. Think about it. This is the SECOND TIME in our recent countries history where YOU can vote for someone who isn't a politician. Think about it. How have we been doing with our politicians in recent times. Think about it. Yes, I know, there is no perfect candidate ever. But, think about it. If you think your only choice is to vote for sucks one or sucks two, by you not voting for your sucks one, sucks two gets an advantage. Think about it. It was our great work ethic that made this country great. Isn't it time we vote to turn around the recent trends. Think about it. It should be obvious if your paying attention. PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT. Vote any way you want, but vote. It will count. Think about it.
If you don't like our countries economy, our congress, how we interface with countries abroad or across our borders, our Mexican border issues, how the US government spends your tax money abroad and how your laws are being enforced, then I strongly suggest you consider voting. For me, I am a registered Republican, and I can't remember the last time I voted on the Republican line. I always vote for a Republican on a different line to send a message I'm not happy with the Republican party. They didn't support Trump when he was President. What kind of crap is that?  PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT !  WAKE UP AMERICA ! Capitalism is what made this country great. A great work ethic and a pride in the things we do or produce is KEY ! It is my belief that both the Republicans and Democrats plan is to piss everyone off so you don't vote. Then they don't have to worry about you. I also believe both parties want BIG GOVERNMENT and not "WE THE PEOPLE". Both parties were afraid of Trump because he put "We The People" first. not the government. No I didn't like his tweets, but what he did by putting AMERICA FIRST, was the best thing any President has done since WWII. Think about it.