Every year Creekwood Archery has an archery only deer contest. The cost of getting in the contest is $2.00. The deadline for getting in is the night before opening day.

When you bring your deer in we take pictures of you and your deer and shortly there after those pictures are placed on our web sight. We weigh your deer on our Rochester Scale Works Certified Scale. If your deer is a buck we score your deer to see what it scores. 

Our contest has two age groups. Young Adults, 12 to 18, and of course Adults 19 and up. Each group has it's own winner board. There is one catch though, the Young Adults are eligible to be on the Adult Winner Board also. I also rob money from the adults and give it to the Young Adults, kind of like a modern day ROBIN HOOD.

There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in three different categories, Heaviest Doe, Heaviest Buck, and Biggest Rack. The heaviest doe wins the same money as the biggest rack. Everyone's name that enters a deer is put in a hat and at the end of the contest we draw names that win extra dollars in a blind drawing if there are enough people in the contest. The prizes you win for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is money. Because there are 18 winners, it's prestigious to win, but not enough money that is worth cheating for. The winning names are displayed at Creekwood for an entire year. The all time record holders names are displayed until that record is broken.

After the season has calmed down, usually in January or February, Bob Songin comes in and scores some of the larger racks. He is an official scorer for Pope & Young, Boon & Crocket and also New York State Big Buck Club. If you need Bob to score anything for you he can be reached at (585)-621-7878. By the way, if you would like to go on a Charter Trip on Lake Ontario for Trout or Salmon, give Bob a call for that too. He has his own great Charter business called REEL-EXCITEMENT.

A few years back we had a young lady, Brockport College nursing student that really cleaned up. Because she was a Young Adult she won both the Adult and Young Adult money. Forty dollars for a two dollar investment and she had a lot of fun hunting with her boyfriend Ron Hewson (now her husband). She kicked all the adults butts. Last year 2013 the 1st Place Young Adult winner won both sides of the board.

If your not in the contest we put your deer on a WOODA-COULDA-SHOULDA list. It's really not a bad list to be on. Cathy Turner's 170" Buck is on the list and Tom Kosmickey's 240 pound Buck are both WOODA-COULDA-SHOULDA'S. The Wooda-Coulda-Shoulda's get there picture taken, there deer weighed and measured if it's a buck and get put on the Web-Site. They can't win because their a WOODA-COULDA-SHOULDA.