SHANE  PRICE: 11/02/15
          197 LB
          8 Point 110 7/8" BUCK

Shane has quite a story that goes with this buck. On Saturday,
October 31st Shane let one of the kids he coaches in baseball
hunt out of one of his stands. Shane got a message from him
that he had shot a large buck  in the neck.

Today November 2nd, he got another text from the kid and
Shane just told him to come over to his house and he hung
up. When the kid got there he saw that Shane had harvested
that buck.

At 3:40 Shane had taken the dogs out, looked at his watch and said
I've got to go hunting. He didn't realize the time. He got  all sweated
up going to his stand, sprayed down with scent eliminator, hung his
bow up, hung his hat up and sat down trying to cool off.

After a while he did some doe bleats, followed by a couple buck
grunts.  After sitting quiet for a while he heard something walking.

He put his hat on first and then saw the buck. He had his range
finder out and started ranging different things where he thought
a shot might present itself.

We had just done a set up, put new strings & cables on his Elite
bow. He told me he had never shot it so good. He was shooting
a Spitfire Max broadhead and was real confident with them.

The buck was coming and then he wasn't, he turned sideways,
Shane ranged him at 47 yards, came to full draw and just felt
rock solid. He released the shot, watched the shaft enter his
chest and new he had made a great shot.

He said it was kind of surreal. It was 4:20 when heard the buck
crash. The buck had only gone about 55 yards. The place was
Lyndonville, NY and he knew,


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