SHANE PRICE - 11/5/05
               167 1/2 LB 11 Point
               126 4/8"

You see em' in the magazines, you see em' in the videos and you see em' on television but once in a great while you hold em' in your hands.

The em', is of course is a Pope & Young record book whitetail.

Shane calls this buck the "ACORN BUCK", because he has a drop tine that looks like a acorn. His girlfriend Kim, in the picture also shoots a target bow that is as pretty as she is, but chooses not to hunt which is ok.

It's the third weekend in a row you are driving down to Branchport, NY to bowhunt with your dad.

They had seen lots of great bucks, one even bigger than this.

Today, Shane walked out to his stand with his dad and then dad did the magic. He put down a scent trail using Buckeye Scents, Doe in Heat Urine, while making his way to his own treestand.

When the buck hit that Buckeye scent trail there was some hesitation, but after 10 minutes or so he couldn't resist any longer and Dad's magic did it's work.

In that 10 minutes time Shane experienced something today that happened to me once also, so I understood exactly what he was telling me.

While watching this buck before the shot he got shaking so bad he was physically out of control.


He had issues with a hot cup of coffee that was to hot to drink. He had to thread a needle with his arrow to make the shot happen.


And after the shot he just fell back into his stand, a physical wreck. When he call his dad to tell him what had happened his dad thought he had fallen out of the tree. His breathing was so screwed up he couldn't talk right.

It was a 20 yard shot and the buck went down within sight, about 60 yards.

 At 8:00 am on 11/5/05 in Shane's life is one of those times he will absolutely never forget. If you look into his eyes you can see clearly why bowhunters have such a strong passion for there sport. When you get hooked, your hooked, and Shane has been hooked for quite a while. Shane has started a outdoors type club at the high school where he teaches. Those kids are very fortunate to be able to share his passion.