SHANE  PRICE: 10/24/12
          188 1/2 LB
          8 POINT 114 3/8" BUCK

Shane is having a tough time hunting this year,
because his hunting partner, his dad Tom is dealing
with some health issues. I can tell you from
personal experience, that it is a tough issue. You
never realize how important the social relationships
are with your hunting partners are until they aren't
hunting with you any longer.

Kim, Shane's wife has been doing her best trying to
fill in for her father-in-law, but because she is only a
target archer, she can't really get the job done 100%.

Shane, a school teacher in Lyndonville. He was in a
meeting when he got a text from his bride, which he
ignored. Then she sent him another one. This time, a
person in the meeting said, is that your wife. He said
yes, she wants me to go hunting. So the person running
the meeting said the meeting is over, Shane is going

Shane was hunting a new spot just 15 yards from the
road when he took the 7 yard shot.

He had a complete pass through with his Scorpion
XP broadhead and the buck only went about 150
yards. He hung the  buck for a while in his garage
and it drained quite a bit. First place for weight when
he brought it in was 189 pounds - BUMMER. The shot
was at 5:45pm in Lyndonville, NY.
No that is not
some little rinkey dink Pick-Up, that buck is just a
plain BIG DEER.

When Shane comes in with a deer there is a small
family reunion.

In the back row from left to right is his sister, his dad
& his bride. In the front row is Shane and his niece
(who told me she would kick anybody who killed a
baby deer, but it was alright to kill the big ones.)