PAUL  SHAVER: 11/07/15
          114 LB
          4 Point 43 6/8" BUCK

Paul has been bowhunting down at his camp in Randolf, NY all
season. The second weekend he passed on this buck at 34 yards.
He saw him up at the top of the hill in the Hemlocks.

Today with only one weekend left, this buck had to meet his maker.
Paul shot him at 4:30 pm with a 14 yard shot while the buck was
eating Hickory nuts.

The buck had looked at him and Paul thought he was a little keyed
even though he kept eating nuts. At full draw his aim was a little
back but still a double lung hit. At the instant of the shot the buck
moved forward making the hit to far back.

Paul was using a Wackem Titan broadhead. He tracked the buck
until 0 dark 30 and when he found him the next day the night
before he was pretty close. The buck traveled about 500 yards
before his dirt nap.


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