PAUL SHAVER: 11/06/11
          140 1/2 LB
          5 Point 62 0/8" BUCK

Paul took this buck in Randolph, NY at 9:00 am in the
morning. This 5 point drove Paul crazy trying to shoot
him. If the buck came on the trail like it was supposed
to, he just would have shot it.

The buck like all bucks didn't cooperate and went to
the right of a big tree in front of Paul, causing him to
rotate 320 degrees counter clockwise to shoot to the
right side of the tree. Then the deer made him rotate
back because he thought he was going to take him on
the left side of the tree. However when the shot was
taken it was another rotate CCW, and then in order to
draw the bow and shoot, Paul had to swing his bow
holder out of the way with his bow limb in order to
draw his bow.

Finally a 21 yard shot was taken and
the buck went 26 yards. Paul was using a Titan
Wack-Em Broadhead which he said they don't make

Paul like myself, is quite knowledgeable and  loves
the outdoors. He gleans everything he can out of all
of his outdoor experiences. Paul and his wife Julie
both shoot archery all year with a short break in the
summer to race cars.


This is what the first picture looks like without the
flash. By the way this is also what smoked venison
looks like before the smoke. Yes Paul smokes it so
good your tongue gets so excited, it slaps your
brains out.