NOTICE:  There are 9 other Young Adults in the contest that better
get their butts going or there is going to be a two-peat. Three deer
in so far for Brandon.

: 10/12/15
          91 LB DOE
Brandon was in the shop and said he had a problem. His dad didn't
want him to shoot does. Hunting does could screw up some dandy
bucks they have been working on.

Yes this is the same guy who cleaned house in our 2014 Creekwood
Young Adult Deer Contest.

This doe was taken in Albion, NY at 3:30pm with a SlickTrix broadhead.
The shot was 25 yards and the doe went about 100 yards. Brandon got
a complete pass thru with his shot.

Last year Brandon took 7 deer with a bow. He hunts New York, Ohio
& Pennsylvania. I'm 100% sure you will see more of this guy.



: 10/19/15
      57 LB DOE & 65 LB DOE


Well now it's after the 16th and Brandon was hunting today with his dad.
As a matter of fact Brandon was in his dads treestand with his bow and
quiver hanging on his dads hooks. Brandon was told to hang his bow on
the left bow hook, watch the edge of the corn field to the left and the
deer would come in under the oak tree.
So dad is in his second favorite location seeing absolutely nothing.
Meanwhile Brandon is standing in the stand, back against the tree,
a honey & oats granola bar in his left hand and playing solitaire on
his phone in his right hand and here come the deer. Brandon stuffs
phone and granola in his pocket, grabs his bow, comes to full draw
and places an excellent shot. He is standing there feeling  the rush
and realizes the second deer didn't run. He got another arrow out
of his quiver, came to full draw and as you can see the kid can shoot.
The broadhead, Slick-Trix of course. The first shot at 5:00pm, the
second shot no more than a minute later. Monday October 19th,
2015 was a good day.

                      Do you think Slick-Trix work? How many blades?
                            What about the blood trails they create?
Brandon is a special person, from a great family with real American values. Brandon
went to summer school last summer not to improve grades, but to be able to graduate
in January to enter the Marine Corps in February, something he has wanted to do for a
long time. As you probably know the Marine Corps is the smallest of our military
forces, but the one we visually notice more than any other in our neighborhoods. Don't
Tread On Me flags fly everywhere. The reason Marine Corps is the way it is, is people
like Brandon want to be a Marine, protect the freedoms and life we enjoy everyday of
our lives. Thanks for being you Brandon, and Thanks for the great job MOM & DAD.

: 11/09/15
Brandon, hunting with his dad took this super Muley Buck with
a 442 yard shot. The both of them had a super special trip. He
shot a coyote a grouse and skety-boo million prairie dogs.

11/24/15 - Brandon came in today and picked up $50.00 in winnings. 1st Place Adult Doe weight,
plus 1st Place, 2nd Place & 3rd Place Young Adult Doe weight. Then he was taking his girlfriend
out to dinner.
When Brandon came in to get his winnings, I said to him I almost bet three people that you would
kill a buck in the last week of bow season. Brandon said I passed on the same 6 point twice in
three days, and on an 8 point on the day in between. I said, WHAT ! He said I'm holding out for one
of two big ones. This kid and his dad work hard on there hunting. At any rate here is a super 11 point
he shot with a rifle down in the southern tier.


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