The picture had no weight

Brandon took this doe opening day and didn't bring it in. It was a 7 yard shot and she ran across the creek. He was hunting with his dad and between them they only had one pair of rubber boots. Brandon waded across the creek, took his boots off, thru them to his dad and nobody got wet feet. Following the blood Steve saw the doe right near a fork in the trail and he said to Brandon you go to the right and I'll go to the left. Immediately Brandon new what was up. These two have a great time hunting with each other. All he sent was the picture. He wanted to get her in the freezer because of the temperature.

Now for the flashback: When Brandon was about 8 years old, Steve his dad, shot a deer and went home to get Brandon to help track it. Out in the woods they came to a fork in the trail and Steve said you go right and I'll go left. Brandon just went a few steps and there was the deer. Steve of course had actually already found the deer beforehand and was just building confidence in his son's ability.

          89 Pound DOE

Brandon took this doe while hunting with his dad in Albion, NY. He took her with a 25 yard shot at 6:45pm with a 100 grain SlickTrick broadhead. He had a pass thru shot and the Doe only went 40 yards. Before the shot he had only seen her for about 20 seconds.

BRANDON WARD: 10/11/14
          135 1/2 Pound 8 POINT 80 2/8" BUCK

Brandon took this buck in Albion, NY at 6:15pm with you guessed it, a SlickTrick broadhead.

This is Brandon's biggest bow kill and first New York State buck. He was hunting with his dad Steve, which I think is the most awesome way to hunt. Family is so important and memories made in tandem that last forever are the way to go. These two hunted in three different places in the last two days and probably put 300 miles on Steve's truck doing it. All with about 4 hours sleep.

Tomorrow they will be working for the landowner of the property where they were hunting when Brandon took this buck.

His shot was 7 yards with the buck looking at him. Brandon was at full draw and he knew he was going to run, so he whistled to make the buck turn. When he turned the shot was made. His dad asked him if the lucky horseshoe up his butt was comfortable. Brandon said, well I had to try something, I was busted and I knew I could make the shot. He had been watching the buck for about 2 minutes. This kid just loves to hunt. The shot was a pass thru and the buck only went about 45 yards. At around 30 yards they found the front of the arrow, where the blood trail was like nothing they had ever seen before. The drag was another story. It wasn't short, but, worth it.

BRANDON WARD: 11/08/14
          60 Pound DOE

Brandon took this doe in Albion, NY while hunting with his dad. This is his 4th bow deer this season. As I have already said, this kid loves to hunt.

His dad had just got in his stand and was still all sweated up when he received the text, "Dad I just shot a doe." For the first time ever Brandon told his dad, I got this one, I don't need any help, you keep hunting. Brandon's shot was 40 yards. As soon as he released the doe lowered her head and caught the arrow in the head just under the right eye. The SlickTrick broadhead exited behind the jaw and entered the deer under the right shoulder blade and buried in the lung.

Brandon showed me a video of the blood trail, and it was so easy to follow he just walked along at a steady pace, never having to stop to see where next blood was. He and Steve had hunted hard all day Saturday and Brandon was tired and decided to take a nap until 3:30. He woke up, went to his stand and in less than 2 minutes shot the doe.

He never even had time to get his face mask on. The doe looked up, saw his Brandon's face and started trotting off. Brandon made a grunt sound with his voice, the doe stopped and turned and the shot was made. When Brandon heard the hit, he thought, oh no, what have I done. He could see the arrow sticking out of the deer and at the time wasn't happy with himself. later when he got down and saw the blood trail his emotions flip-flopped to the positive, because he knew he was going to retrieve the deer and,

Now it's time for the BIG 2014 Young Adult Deer Contest PAYOUT. Never been done before - Three 1st places - Heaviest Buck, Biggest Rack & Heaviest Doe along with 2nd & 3rd Place for Doe Weight,

Totaling $67.00 and he had the time of his life hunting with his dad. This coming weekend Brandon will be going to Ohio to hunt deer with his cousin. Those who do the work, get the pay and this young man showed he can do the work proving,