BRANDON  WARD: 10/16/11
          6 Point 67 5/8" BUCK
BRANDON  WARD: 11/12/11
          5 Point 52 7/8" 1/2 Rack Ohio BUCK

This is an E-Mail I got from Bandon. This kid sure likes
hunting a lot and the reason is, the apple didn't fall very
far from the tree. His father Steve is I would say a
hunting sick-o.

Hi Mr. Adams:
Sorry but this is the best picture that I have to give you.
I shot this 6 point buck on Sunday the 16th in the
afternoon. He was 18 yards and I got a complete pass

It was raining really hard and we ran out of day light to
continue tracking it. It was really hard tracking because
all the leaves were soaking wet. My Dad went back the
next afternoon after he got out of work and found it.
Unfortunately coyotes found it also so we only kept
the antlers.

Brandon Ward
The three pictures below are of Brandon, his dad
Steve with an Ohio buck he took this year and a
bonus sister and mom shot.


This is an E-Mail I got from Steve Bandon's father:

I can't keep up with this kid. Nice big deer but broke
on 1 side. Brandon says 40 yard shot.
BRANDON  WARD: 11/12/11
          134 3/4 lb
          5 Point 52 7/8" 1/2 Rack Ohio BUCK
          Gross Score: 76 3/8"

Brandon and his dad made another trip to Ohio and
Brandon's SlickTrix Broadhead did the trick again.

It was a 40 yard shot and the buck only went 55 yards.
His shot was a complete pass thru at 2:00 pm hunting
with his cousin.

His dad said it's about a 4 hour trip, door to door. Today
Brandon got a picture from his cousin of a Bear right
where Brandon shot this buck.

Brandon has a 10, 20, 30 & 40 yard pin, and he uses a

When I asked him where his mom and sister were, he
told me his mom said she wasn't coming any more
because I make her get in the picture. I won't bug you
any more mom. In the picture or out of the picture, you
have one heck of a super family.

This was an E-Mail from Steve in April, 2011

It must have been my calling. After killing a nice one in
Ohio youth Brandon killed this one in NY Youth.