180 1/4 LB
          11 Point BUCK

Here is an E-Mails I received from Ralph:

Ralph called today,(11/16/12) and he told me the story of this real nice 11 pointer. If you have read the earlier write-ups of Ralph's excursions with a bow, you know this guy is anil about his bowhunting. This is the first year of Ralph's retirement, which really messed with his system. Usually he has more stands up than any 5 bowhunters put togeather. This year was a strain on his brain because he could hunt every day. He spent a lot of time on a massive 8 point and had oppertunities which most of my customers would have chanced a shot, but if it's not a 100%er, Ralph passes. He had his 8 pointer on a real windy, rainy day but grape vines were blowing in the way of his shot oppertunities and Ralph passed. He said Ben, "They still have to come bye to die". He shot this 11 pointer at 17 yards and the buck was beating the crap out of a bush and tree, even standing on his back feet while doing it. The buck went 50 yards a laid down. As he was walking away he kept hunching his back, and Ralph was thinking, "I know I drilled him, I know it was a perfect hit, why is he hunching like he was gut shot, I just can't believe it was a bad hit". Ralph couldn't find his arrow with his binoculars. The buck twitched a couple times and wasn't moving. After about a half hour Ralph got down, found has arrow with lots of blood. As a matter of fact there was blood everywhere. He walked over to the buck quietly, with an arrow nocked and saw a percect hit, and realized the buck had been dead all along. He shot the deer in the Mendon area at 7:15am and,

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