201.2 LB 10 POINT BUCK

I love pictures taken in the field. They are so much
nicer than the ones we take at Creekwood. Many of
you have herd me tell the story or should I say,
method of, "I love you Marcia, I love you Marcia."
when at full draw on an animal you want to take.
This is my friend that taught me that only for Ralph
it is, "I love you Julie, I love you Julie".

Ralph is a finger shooten' wild man when it comes
to bow hunting. He and I worked togeather at Kodak
for many years. If you need to talk with someone
that has over 100 patents call Ralph. People that have
that kind of mind are very thorough, and that's the
same kind of mind that can succesfully go up
against a mature witetail buck like this.

My bow poundage is set at 61.5 and the draw length
is set at 29". My current arrows are 29" long, 2117,
XX175 aluminum. As you know I shoot with the
whisker biscuit rest and fingers. If there is a reliable
drop away that holds your arrow while drawing, I
would consider giving it a try. My broadheads are
the fixed blade SS2 Wasp, 125 grains.

Ralph doesn't just order arrows from me, he says
I need to think, "MEAN MOTHER ARROW", when
I build his arrows. You are one smooth dog, Pic.