208 LB 8 Point POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Ralph is one of my old co-workers from Kodak and
a good friend. What a birthday the 21st of October was.
Can you imagine a birthday present like this super

Ralph hunts like he designs things. He has over 100
patents for Eastman Kodak and thirty two tree stands up.
There are at least four stands for every wind condition
with shooting lanes cut, everything ready to rock and roll.

The stand he took this buck out of, he had never hunted
before. The buck has 6" brow tines, 12" G2's and a 19 1/2"
inside spread.

He drew on the buck four times before taking the 27 yard
shot. He had the buck as close as 5 yards. One of the times
he drew on it, the buck was standing still in one of the
shooting lanes but a grapevine was right in front of the kill

The third time he drew it started hailing so hard he didn't dare
shoot. When it stopped he was still there and when some
ducks took off in the swamp the buck turned to look at what the
ducks were diong. Watching ducks was the bucks downfall. The
broadhead was a Wasp, the finger release was perfect, the
blood trail was 400 yards, but it was a walk along trail to Ralph's
personal best buck.

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