152 1/2 LB 10 POINT BUCK

You are looking at a face of a person that can't be
trusted. Hard to judge people isn't it.

Last year this young man took the largest doe ever
on the Young Adult side of the winner board. His doe
also took 1st Place on the adult side of the board.
Two 1st Places in your pocket is a good thing in our
deer contest.

This year Dillon comes in with blood on his camo
and said he had a deer to weigh. I said, "A big buck?",
he said, "No it's just a small spiker." I said, "Over
3"?", He said "Yes, I had to use my buck tag on it."

When we went outdoors, Dillon said, "Oh Oh,
something must have happened, it seems to have
grown some more. I guess so, 6 points on the
left side and 4 points on the right. Dillon was
hunting in Hilton, NY when he took this nice buck
with a 130 grain Wasp broadhead at 6:00pm. The
buck had double brow tines on the left side. As
of 11/15/09 his buck is in 1st place for rack and
2nd place
for weight.
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click HERE.

To see Dillon's winning doe from two years ago,
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