LB DOE

This is what a young man looks like when life has become
really good. In the picture is Dillon's friend Sean Carson who
usually comes in with a deer every year.

Dillon came in the shop to look at used bows. Found a couple
bows that he liked, but didn't buy anything. Then he came in
with his dad and he shot both bows and was pretty sure which
one he liked, but again he didn't buy anything. Then he came
in ready to buy with money in his pocket and someone else
was in the shop trying out the bow he wanted. Unfortunately
that person bought the bow.

Dillon shot the bow that was his 2nd choice and was a little bit
disappointed he lost out on his first choice and bought his 2nd
choice bow. Now I believe he absolutely loves his 2nd choice
bow, because 2 weeks to the day from when he walked out of
the shop with his second choice he killed the first deer of his
life, which he will never forget. It was a 15 yard shot hunting in
Brockport, NY at 7:35 am.


Even with your 2nd choice bow.