130 LB DOE

Dillon is back and I mean back strong. In the 2007 deer
contest, Dillon took 1st place as a Young Adult  and 3rd
place on the Adult side of the board.

The way I run the contest, I rob money from the adults
and give it to the kids. With only one day to go in the
contest he now holds 1st place on both sides of the

How do all you adults feel getting beat by a kid, two
years in a row. Dillon works hard at his hunting. Lots
of scouting and trail camera work. I had him pegged
for a big buck this year. When I told him that, he said,
"I know, me too, I was starting to get worried".

Dillon made the 6 yard shot with his 125 grain Wasp
broadhead. He was hunting in Hilton, NY. The doe was
with another doe about the same size. Dad didn't want
to get into the picture. He said Dillon did it all by
himself. We finally decided he qualified to be in the
photo from a transport standpoint.