NEW !   On June 26th 2013, Mister came to Creekwood Stables
in a 6 horse trailer from Georgia.

The difference with this horse is he is mine, not my brides.

He is of course a Paint. When you drive by Creekwood
Stables, most all the horses are wearing camo. Mister is brown,
black & white.

We are really impressed with his manners. In a week or so we
will mix him in with the other horses. I can't wait to ride him.
I told Marcia if she is good, I might let her ride him, if it ever
stops raining.

As you can see he looks a lot like Alex, so the result is
Marcia's second set of book-end horses.

He's not real big on carrots, but he sure likes
horse treats. Mister, the beginning of another chapter at
Creekwood Stables.

You can call him MISTER ADAMS.               (:>)

The summer of 2011 Alex came to Creekwood Stables in a
furniture truck all the way from Nebraska.

Alex is of course a Paint. He was a trail horse so he can
follow the horse in front of him real good.

Now he is learning how to be a real horse. Marcia has great
plans for Alex, and is really enjoying him.

A special day for a special bride.

Marcia is having a ball with her book end horses. Rowdy is on
the left below and on the right above, and Stormy is the other
brown & white paint. On the left above is Cinnamon. He is a
Registered Paint, but they forgot to paint him.
When she comes to the barn there is a great deal of concern on the
horses part as to who gets her affection each day.  LIFE IS GOOD!
at Creekwood Stables, 461 Lawrence Road, Brockport, NY 14420. 

Marcia can be reached at (585) 392-9763 which is our home
phone or at Creekwood Archery's phone (585) 392-2030 or at
E-Mail -

                                Marcia on Stormy

I think she's dreaming about having a clinic, but of course
you never know. The background could be the fire in her
thoughts or a beautiful sunset.  Stay tuned!

    We do have a couple of box stalls available so if you are
interested, contact the queen of the barn. We are also looking
for anyone interested in boarding in exchange for labor. Stay
tuned for a further Marcia update.

    Our Paint/Quarter horse named Cinnamon is sold and has
moved to Pennslyvania. He has great blood lines. He is out
of Alidar, and I believe is doing penning.

                     This is Cinnamon
        There's a NEW KID IN TOWN. (Dec 2006) When Marcia went
to the barn to do chores one morning, there was a new friend
there to welcome her. 

Click on new kid in town to see all the pictures. It is now two
years later and the new kid (Lilly) is pulling a sulky and turning
in some pretty good times. The horse in the foreground below
is Lilly.

        Marcia and 6 of her girlfriends went on a horse trip in July 04
down in the southern tier for trail riding and clinics.  Stay tuned
for pictures of her trip.

This was my horse we leased for a couple of years.
He was, and is a actual Wild Mustang and his name is Grappa.