Marcia can be reached at (585) 392-9763 which is our
home phone or at Creekwood Archery's phone (585) 392-2030
or at E-Mail

                                Marcia on Stormy

    We do have a couple of box stalls available so if you
are interested contact the queen of the barn. We are also
looking for anyone interested in boarding in exchange
for labor. Stay tuned for a further Marcia update.

    The Queen of the barn has got a new horse. We went
to Ohio over Labor Day and picked up ROWDY.

 We have a quarter horse named Cinnamon for sale. He
has great blood lines. Also need experienced rider to help
exercise him.

This is Cinnamon


            Bob Jefferys'  link is at:

New Kid In Town:

       There's a NEW KID IN TOWN. When Marcia
went to the barn to do chores this morning,
12/15/05 there was a new friend there to welcome

We don't have a name yet, so for now it's baby

The proud owner of the mare is the Mike, Laura,
Michelle & Natalie Bruno family.

The Bruno family has owned the mare for less
than a year and didn't realize she was with child
when they acquired her.

After some investigation, they discovered the
sire wasn't just a grade horse, but was a stallion
that had been used for stud at a pretty good fee.

What a way to get into the race horse business.

Then Mike's daughters informed him differently.

All Mike was able to say was, OK YOU CAN MAKE HER A JUMPER.

Obviously, the future of this little filly is in the
hands of his daughters.

Today was a holiday in the Greece School
System. At least I think it was, because there
were two students and a teacher in my barn
this morning. That would be Mike's wife and
two daughters.

This little gal started off her day just perfect.
Then the Vet got here.

Followed by a feeding tube down her throat.

Followed by a enema on the other end.

While Holly got twitched and milked.

No, Holly did not care for that.

In between she caught a little power nap.

The manger at Creekwood Stables was full today.

There was no room at the Inn because we don't
have one.

What a special day.


The Christmas miracle arrived safely the way
horses have done it for years.

Less the feeding tube and enema.

So Holly has decided; "It's better to let the kid
nurse than that twitch thing."

Things seem to be down to a science now.

Make sure the kid is fed every two hours.

Make sure the microwave in the barn is working
to provide hot coffee.

Make sure nobody is shivering. Meaning the

The people of course are freezing their butts off.

I can't wait to see this little filly running outside
kicking up her heels.

We have had horses here at Creekwood since

But this is a new experience for us.

Her blaze looks like a white Christmas tree
up-side down.

The Bruno family won't forget this Christmas.

Mike has learned how to milk a horse.

His wife and daughters learned how to examine a placenta correctly.

I awoke to the sound over the intercom, "We
have a baby!"

Creekwood Archery was closed most of the day.

Everyone involved will sleep good tonight.

Mike had today marked on his calender months ago as
the day he thought the blessed event would happen.
And last night he thought, full moon, maybe tonight is
the night. Man, was he on the money. 

Day two update: The feeding tube is gone. Holly is in
charge of all the feeding and doing a fine job. Mike and
Marcia are not so tired. Things are as I always say,