Hear at Creekwood Archery we offer two or three NYSBHE courses per year. It is always a ten hour class and held from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on a Saturday and Sunday. In order to bow hunt you have to take both the gun class and the bow class. It does not matter which one you take first. I have been an NYSBHE instructor for over 25 years and think I put on one of the best classes out there. We do not offer the gun class. These classes are free. The instructors, if I have some help me, that do the course donate there time. At the present time there are four or five states and two provinces which require a ten hour certificate to purchase a bowhunting license. If you are bowhunting now but don't have a ten hour certificate, you are welcome to sit in on the class with your son, daughter or significant other, take the test and get your ten hour certificate. Check our calendar for the class dates. Usually there is a class in July, August and September.
        To register, call us at (585) 392-2030. We need your name (as you want it to appear on your certificate), address, phone number, and birthday. You have to be eleven years to attend the class. 
        You need to bring with you: 1) Your bow & arrows if you have them already. (Equipment is not necessary to take the class.)
                                                              2) A pen.
                                                           3) A lawn chair.
        At the class you will: 1) Learn about hunting ethics.
                                                2) Learn why hunting is a privilege.
                                                3) Learn about hunting methods.
                                                4) Shoot your equipment if you have it already.
                                                5) Learn about game animals.
                                                6) Do distance judging.
                                                7) Do blood trailing.
                                                8) Learn about tree stands.
                                                9) Learn about archery equipment.
                                              10) Learn about safety and first aid.
                                              11) Meet a NYS Conservation Officer.
                                              12) Learn about reading sign.
                                              13) Take a test on Sunday which you have to pass to receive your certificate.


Creekwood Archery NYS Certified Bowhunter Education Course Schedule for 2005:
            July 9rd and 10th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
            August 6th and 7th
            September 10th and 11th
    All classes are 10 hours. You must pre-register. Call the shop for details; 392-2030. You need to bring your archery equipment (not necessary), a pen and a lawn chair. You will meet and be able to question a NYS Conservation Officer. You will be distance judging, blood trailing, checking out deer sign, learning hunting methods, safety and first aid.