ED PRINCE III: 10/25/15
          169 LB - 8 POINT
             101 4/8" BUCK

Ed has been absent for a couple years, but I knew he'd be back.
He has been working his butt off, giving him not a lot of time to
hunt. If it isn't big he lets it walk.

So far this season Ed has only hunted twice for a total of 3 1/2
hours. Today he was in his stand less than a half hour before
he did the deed.

In the old days it was Ed Prince I, II & III bowhunting and the
family as a unite has always been very important as a tradition.
For Ed the III family is the # 1 thing. Whenever I run into him,
he is always telling me about his family.

 He took this buck in Hamlin, NY with a 38 yard shot. The buck
only went 40 yards after the complete pass thru. A deer can
probably run 40 yards in less than 4 seconds.

That say's Ed 100 grain Striker broadhead did one heck of a job.
Four seconds or less to a dirt nap is what all hunters dream about.

Ed only shoots bucks. He say's the does are his decoys and he
needs every one of them out and about alive and well.

What were you doing at 7:36am while Ed's arrow was flying?

This guy has a nice family and you can tell they work hard at
it the way they interface with each other. The patience Ed has
with his kids is amazing.


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