ED  PRINCE  III: 10/30/12
          223 LB 11 Point
          132 4/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

At about 6:45 I got a call from Ed and he said,
"My phone is about dead, are you open, can I
bring a buck in". I said get your butt in here.

A little later, his dad Ed Prince Jr. and Duane
Saunders came in the shop and they were all
excited. I said, It's a big one isn't it. His dad said
yes it is and to make it even better, he is
bringing his brand new son, Ed Prince IV with

I'm starting to get excited myself now, because
this Prince family are not usually acting all excited
unless something is special.

Then Ed the III came in with his daughter in her pink
jacket. His daughter was saying, "My daddy got a
big one, a really really big one, he's going to win
the contest, it's a really really gigantic buck, he's
going to win, he's going to win.

So out we went and she was right. When we all
guessed the weight, his daughter had the biggest
number, and she was short 23 pounds. 223 pounds
is the second heaviest buck in the contest in 20
seasons. A Fairport buck from 2001 at 227 pounds
shot by Brian Young is the All Time Record.

Ron Coyle guessed the score and was 15" short of
gross, which isn't like Ron. He is usually really close.
When we put it on the scale Edward the III went
crazy. He has killed a lot of nice deer and this buck
is by far the biggest deer he has harvested with
any weapon.

Ed took this monster buck in Hamlin, NY at 6:15pm
the day after the big blow of hurricane Sandy.

He was using a 100 grain Striker Broadhead for his
25 yard shot. The buck only went 50 yards. That is
a clean, humane kill.
Ed was using a product called EverCom as a scent
attractant, which I had never heard of.

As I like to say, as you can see, the buck has a lot of
junk on his trunk. On the right main beam there was
another 1 1/2" point which broke off when Ed was
bringing it out with his wheeler. The strap he had
around the rack broke it off.

The neet thing about the three men in this picture,
Duane Saunders, Ed Prince Jr and Ed Prince III all
take $6.00 of there winnings to enter next years
contest, and donate the rest of the winnings to our
kids program at Creekwood Archery. Counting the
junk for a gross Non-Typical Score I came up with
145 4/8". It has a 20 1/8" inside spread. I know I say
this all the time, but I just can't think of anything
better to say than,

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