ED PRINCE III: Adult (19 and Up)
               11/12/04 - 8 POINT BUCK
- 142 1/2 lbs - 111 1/8"

DEER CONTEST 2004     

He saw him on the 11th but couldn't get a shot.
However on the 12th with the aid of a grunt call
and a rattling bag the shot came true.

The pressure was on because his hunting
partner Duane Saunders is in first place with
a 177 3/4 pound buck.

Now at the present time Ed (11/12/04) is in first
place with this 111 1/8" rack. I guess that proves
that birds of a feather flock together.

When Ed comes in the shop he is always
talking about his dad (in the picture above)
and his grandfather who all hunt. The bond
of a hunting family is as strong as anything
I know.
Ed's dad, shot a nice buck opening day of 
gun season and gave it to a poor archery 
shop owner for meat. THANKS ED !

Some pictures the chew is in and some pictures
the chew is out. The only thing I can figure out
is the ones with it out are probably the ones Ed
shows the women.

What a special BUCK. Nice job and a nice shot