BOB  BRYAN: 10/02/15
                  113 LB DOE

This is a Wooda-Coulda-Shoulda Doe. Bob has been in Canada and wasn't able to sign up for the contest. This is his second year back at bowhunting. He came home from Canada and went out to check his ladder stand on Monday in the rain and some low life, scum bucket, maggot had stolen the bottom section of his ladder. If you know anyone that would do something like this and you personally don't do anything about it, YOU don't deserve to call yourself a hunter. All these stolen stands, cameras and ground blinds are not stolen by people selling them for drugs. They are being stolen by so called hunters. It's that bad apple thing.

At any rate Bob's 20 ft. ladder stand ended up being a 10 ft. ladder stand and you can imagine how Bob felt about it. He thought he would be made, being so low. Opening day he could have killed two bucks and the second day he took this nice doe. He was using a QAD Exodis broadhead. It was a fifteen yard shot at 9:30am and she went about fifty yards. He got a complete pass thru and was hunting in Hilton, NY. Maybe everyone should start hunting lower because the deer are looking up higher. Bob is an excellent archer and I believe Vice President of Rochester Bowhunters.

This deer sled is a wonderful thing when it comes to dragging a deer.
The slime balls came back and tried to steel the rest of his stand. They were wearing head lamps which made their faces non-recognizable, but they had Loan Wolf treestands on their backs which probably they stole also. It's to bad we couldn't get facial recognition and have them arrested. After the bad pictures were taken, Bob took his stand down, so I guess the slime balls won that one. When they tried to steel it they made it unsafe and just left it that way.

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