108 1/2 Pound
4 Point BUCK

As many of you know Bob is one of the top shooters at Creekwood Archery. He has not Bow Hunted since 1981 and for some strange reason this year he decided to start up again. When Bob decides he is going to do something, there is no doubt in my mind it is going to happen.

He has been scouting a lot, see and patterning deer without their knowledge, asking a lot of questions, just getting his act together. He is a NYS Champion Archer, a very active member of Rochester Bowhunters and a regular at Creekwood Archery.

This is his 1st Bow Deer. He was in his stand from 0 dark 30 (5:30) this morning till the deed was done at 3:30 in the afternoon. He saw this same buck at 7:45am, but wasn't able to get the shot he wanted. Bob was hunting in Hilton, NY. The shot and by the way sweet hit was at 20 yards and the buck went about 80 yards before taking a dirt nap. I had told
Bob about my Deer Sled so he ordered one. When he got home with the buck his Sled had been delivered. Getting it out was a chore without the Sled, but I have a feeling the Sled will get some use before the 2014 season is over.


This is Bobs 2nd deer this season. It was so warm out he didn't bring it in to weigh it, he called about 5:00pm or so, sent me the picture of his new brown friend, which was already in the freezer. This guy can really shoot.