RICKY SMITH: 11/16/09
          168 LB 7 POINT
          97 2/8" BUCK

Rick is back, like he is every year. This year
he was hunting in Hamlin, NY. He and a friend
were hunting out of a ground blind and they
decided they didn't like it. It was late in the day
and they decided to take the blind down and
hunt out of there stands the next day.

They took the blind down and were packing it up
when along came this buck. Rick laid down on
the ground and his friend laid down up against a
log. When the buck got close, Ricky shot and
missed. The buck paid attention to the arrow
making all the noise on the far side. The buck
walked closer, Rick nocked a second arrow and
the deed was done at 4:30pm. It was  a 20 yard
shot and the buck went 100 yards. He was using
a 125 grain Thunder Head broadhead.

This is his best buck to date. Last year Ricky shot
a 5 point half-rack which was a super buck that
made a great mount.

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