RICKY SMITH: 10/19/08
          156 LB 7 POINT HALF RACK

Many of our customers remember Ricky as the young kid
that worked at Creekwood. Some of our customers remember
Ricky as the person who kicked there butt in a spot or 3D
league. Ricky is one of the best shooters to ever shoot at

Martin Archery was looking at Ricky to shoot for them. This
is a guy you don't want to shoot with for money unless you
have a fat wallet. If you are a deer around Rick's tree stand
you also have a major problem.

Ricky works as an auto mechanic out in Fancher and is attending
Monroe Community Collage majoring in Automotive Technology.
He still has his own band, playing guitar, the lead singer and doing
some original stuff. He says he is shooting competition this winter
so all you spot shooters better start practicing.

Rick said he made a bad shot in this buck, but seeing he only went
30 yards and he watched him tip over, I don't think it was all that
bad. He was hunting in Murray and took the buck at 3:45 pm. He was
using a 125 grain Thunderhead. What a great buck this deer was, even
as a half rack. Only god knows and the buck that broke his rack off
what he would have really scored. Maybe during gun season he will
take the buck that broke this ones rack off. Rick is going to get him
mounted, and I think I would have also. What a sweet buck. Great job
Rick. From scoring the one side, I would guess this buck to be Pope &
Young unbroken.