CORY  RATH: 10/16/05
                            94 1/2 lb DOE
                            105 lb SPIKE BUCK

He's Back - Three Years in a row, a Deer Management Specialist.

The Buffalo Bills and Wegmans "STRIVE FOR FIVE", Cory is well on his way to be on that list.

His Mom had a different coat on this year. She said it wasn't cold enough to wear the brown one.

Cory made an absolutely perfect broadside hit on this Doe and the arrow exited the back right leg. Sometimes an arrow does funny things after it enters an animal.

I guess he will just have to harvest a Buck now so we can have a normal picture with her brown coat on.

                            105 lb SPIKE BUCK
Like they used to say in Buffalo, "He's Back".

The next time Cory is in, I need to ask him if he is a Bills fan.

The Muzzy 100 grain has struck again with another pass thru.

It was a 10 yard shot and the buck went down within sight.

Well it was too warm for the brown coat again. Mom said, "He will get another one and I will wear it for that picture.

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