CORY RATH: - 10/18/03 - DOE
                                           76 1/4 Lbs
- 11/9/03 - 3 Point Buck
                                          122 Lbs

11/11/03 - Button Buck
                                           73 Lbs

Cory's first deer for 2003 & a proud MOM.

Cory's second deer for 2003 & a his best friend
Brett Dewaal scores also. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

I think this guy might need a big trophy room.

What do you think?

Cory's third deer for 2003. I think it's time for Cory
to start giving lessons. As a matter of fact, I think
he might. He told me he was going to major in
Wildlife Management.

I think he has the Management part down pat.

Click on 2002 to see what beginning Management
was like.