Summer 3D League:
NOTICE: Until we build a new tower there is no 3D league.

This league is a start to a good season !
On Saturday, July 10th, our "3D TOWER LEAGUE" starts.

It is a 14 week summer league ending the week of October 9th. We are only counting 10 weeks of score so you can miss 4 weeks over the summer without shooting doubles. If you shoot it more than 10 times over the league time you can drop your lower scores and of course there is a charge for the extra shoots.

The cost is $10.00 per week and we would like half ($50.00) up front and the balance on week five.

You may shoot the league at any time we are open 7 days a week. This way it fits anyone's schedule. Like all our league shooters your practice time indoors is half price, $4.00 per hour instead of the regular $8.00 per hour. 

You  shoot two arrows at fifteen different 3D targets from two levels (your choice) on the tower. The targets will be changed each week.

You can shoot from your choice of 8', 12' & 16' levels on the tower each week.

This is a hunting equipment only league. This means your bow must be set up just like it is when your hunting. There will be separate divisions for fingers and release.

Each week you will shoot 30 arrows with a perfect score of 300.

You need 10 scores to qualify for the prizes.

If you shoot this league, the deer are in big trouble under your tree stand come OPENING DAY.

                If you pre-pay your spring or summer league, your half-price practice indoor range time will  start at the time of payment. If you are shooting multiple leagues, you will receive a 15% discount on your 2nd or 3rd league.

Who will be the 3D TOWER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS in 2009?