Adult / Youth League : 

                Our Adult / Youth League has been one of our leagues every year since we opened. Consult our calendar for the league schedule. It is a team league where an adult and a youth scores are combined as a team score. The kids shoot at a distance where they are competent and feel comfortable. The adults shoot at 20, 25 and 30 yards. Both FITA spot targets and animal targets are used. If the kids are shooting consistently high scores they will be moved back 5 yards. The maximum distance kids shoot is 20 yards. The league is on Saturday at 4:00 pm.
                The cost of the league is $18 per week for the team. The league goes 14 weeks like all our winter leagues with a fun party & trophies at the end.
We want the first half of the money ($126) up front and the balance due by the fifth week. There is also a one time fee of $18.00 to help offset the cost of trophies and the league party. It is a handicapped league so anyone has a fair chance of winning. When your in a league at Creekwood, your practice time is 1/2 price, $4.00 per hour instead of the regular $8.00 per hour. Make-Ups must be scheduled in advance so we can have someone here to score you unless you are doing the make-up with someone else in the league. In that case no arrangements are necessary. The only time you can't do a make-up is when it would interfere with another league or function going on at Creekwood.
                Creekwood Archery is Heated & Air Conditioned - LIFE IS GOOD !
                See our calendar for the entire league schedule plus other events taking place at Creekwood.
               If you pre-pay your league in full, your half-price practice indoor range time will  start at the time of payment. If you are shooting multiple leagues, you will receive a 10% discount on your 2nd or 3rd league.