(unless you are a turkey)

Messmer had to open a can of whoop-butt on her brother
to win the first turkey. Nice shooting young lady.

This is the Corn against the Yams in a hard fought fight

that went into overtime to determine the winner.

Meanwhile the adults are waiting for there turn.

Winner of the pilgrim hat shoot. Three arrows within
1/4" of each other. It was close.

Finally he kicks his sisters butt, who presents him
his turkey.

What a great shot.

This young man won his turkey shooting one of
Creekwood's rental bows.

LIFE  IS  GOOD in turkeyville.

We enjoy the kids and they had a good time.

They had a huge contingent of friends and relatives
routing for them.

Messmer's take home three. Do you think they
will get sick of turkey?

Two kids won two turkeys.

Brad Carney, up from Geneseo hadn't lost his touch.
That's one

Tied with his sister Bill lets her take a few practice
shots at 25 & 30 yards.

Bill is enjoying her shooting at 25 yards with her 20
yard pin but he is getting a little worried. This is a
repeat of the Messmer brother, sister competition

Like earlier the young lady came out on top.
Women rule!

Ron & Brad discussing the how much closer Ron
had him by after Ron had moved his arrow.

Patti saying, OK who's in for the next turkey?

Brian thinking, "I hope that's in", it was. It's hard to
focus when your thinking about the hockey game.
The main reason Brian came was to tell Brad how
much he hates him.

3rd round shoot off at 30 yards. Brad's # 2 turkey.

Pretty sweet shot at 30 yards, Carney. That's two.

Coylage comes out on top in a 30 yard shoot off.
Carney can't win every time. Nice shooting Ron.
Brian, Joe, Monk and Carney need to remember
the old bull and the young bull story.

The pressure of the shot while visualizing the taste
of the turkey and dressing.

Brad takes turkey # 3 at 30 yards. It was good to see
him. He's going to donate it to some Genesee County
Health Dept. rookie employee type thing.

Even the Frier comes out of the horse stall to compete.

Joe Higgins takes home the cider with an awesome
Genesis shot.

Opposite handed shooting brings out the competitive
nature in everyone. Look at your elbow Monk.

Cricket, you have to imagine Matt's current posture
as a landing after jumping up in the air with both arms
above his head, after making a superlative shot with
a right handed Genesis.

A jug of cider winner shooting a Genesis left handed.

Patti shooting a Genesis said, "I remember what
shooting a bow was like now. Check out your mom's
form David.