Kids - 6:00 to 7:30 pm
Adults - 7:30 - 9:00 pm

A lot of practice time was put in by the kids before the shoot
started. Some kids had there own bows and some kids were
shooting Creekwood's bows. All the kids had a great time.
It was a learning event with Turkey trivia provided by Patti
Fryer who was also the supreme commander running the entire
turkey shoot.

We had chocolate turkey cupcakes to eat.

We had vanilla turkey cupcakes to test your esophagus with.

First kid to win a Turkey. Nice shot!

Second kid to win a turkey. That's right, it's his second one.
Life is good in turkey Ville.

Third kid to win a Turkey. That's right, these turkeys are cold.
Nice shot!

Evan Miller and his brother won a Fresh Christmas Tree donated
by Stokoe Farms. Only about 1/3 of the kids had fresh trees for
Christmas to be in the running. Stokoe Farms was very generous
to donate a tree. It is a neat place that Creekwood recommends
as a good place to check out. John and Molly Higgins arranged for
the donated tree. Great people, great job, thank you to them and to
Stokoe Farms.

After the kids turkey shoot was over, I put up $1.00 for an
arrow in the buckle on the turkeys hat.

Both these kids took me for a $1.00 bill.

If your wondering how big the buckle was, this should give
you a good idea.

Then the adults began to practice.

Obviously practice pays off. This is Molly Higgins with the
first turkey she ever won shooting her yellow bow.

To save face, John, Molly's husband had to win a turkey.

We did something new this year. All the people who made a
shoot off but never won a turkey, names were put in a hat and
Nick Ras was the winner of that turkey.

Then we ate some more cupcakes.

The sharpshooter for the whole evening was Brad Carney.
This was his first turkey.

Lee Toman won his Thanksgiving Turkey and:

He got a hug along with the deal.

This is Travis Christ with his first win at 20 yards.

This was a sudden death shoot off at 30 yards. Of course the
two losers on there knees are presenting Travis Christ his
second turkey of the evening.

Then we played a game Ron Coyle invented called, "Shoot
the nock hanging on a string". Brad had never played this game
before but his PSE X Force seemed to understand how it
worked real well.

There was a shoot off between all the people who hit the nock.
Guess who is getting the turkey? That's right!

Then everyone put in a $1.00 to see who could come the closest
to the corner of the target. Brad of course won, but wouldn't take
the money. He said we had to do it again and if he won a second
time he would take the money. His bow was on fire and couldn't
miss the corner and he put the money in his pocket.