Do you think kids like to win turkeys?

Or that fathers are proud.

That's ONE.

That's TWO.

TWO is a good thing.

That's really, really close to center.

Dennis loves to work with the kids.

Patti says congratulations.

This sucker is cold.

Patti with her son David.

Two turkeys - That's bringing home the bacon.

Is that arrow dead center or what?

Kids with their turkeys.              LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Do you think Brad will eat this in Hamlin or Genneseo?

That's two for the poor college kid.

You have to cook them first Brian. Do you think his trying to defrost it?

Jim scores for his Thanksgiving table.

I think the Flaherty beat the Carney.

That's two for Jim Lomoglio. This guy is really
building archery in the Rochester area.

Brad Speer is no stranger at our turkey shoot.

That's two Brad.

Head to head or belly to belly at 30 yards.

No pressure here.

Ron scores again.

This doesn't look like a turkey.

Dennis Sheahan in the center came to help with the
shoot. Ben won this turkey in a shoot off at 30 yards
with Ron Coyle. I don't beat him very often.

When you run out of turkeys you shoot for a jug of cider.