This year was one of the best pumpkin shoots

we ever had. We had 19 kids and they all had a

great time, young and old. There were of course

moving targets, bats, spiders, giant frogs, turkeys,

skeletons, peppy la'stink (skunk) and of course

pumpkins to shoot at. There was of course, pumpkin

trivia, pumpkin games and pumpkin seeds to eat.

There was cider and donuts plus a few grapes,

apples and snacks to feed on. There were two

intergalactic records broken. Some of the older

shooters absolutely destroyed a skeleton onto

more pieces than could ever be put together.

Even the parents seemed to enjoy the event.

On November 17th, 2010 we will have our Turkey

Shoot which is a real FUN event for both kids and

adults alike. That little green headed guy below

on the right had his head shot off at least four

times. The young lady above is my granddaughter

Madison Rose Adams. The moving target below

is always a big hit with the kids. The corn stalks

will of course be reused in our Winter Indoor 3D

League. Marcia, Ron and Patty Ryan deserve all

the credit for the event because I was kind of out

of comission for a couple days. Next year 2011
our Pumpkin Shoot will be October 19th. Get ready
to have some FUN, because,