This year it's going to be hard for me to tell you much
about the pumpkin shoot except for the fact that the
kids had a great time as usual.

Marcia, Brian, Patti and I started running it and then a
customer came in with a buck.

Followed by four more bucks and a doe in our
deer contest so I never got to be back in the building.

Between Creekwood's workers and the parents helping
out everything worked out.

We have a pumpkin shoot every year and the kids have
always had a great time shooting all kinds of stuff including
moving targets.

An event like this works best when you can plan ahead
for how many kids are coming.

For the last couple years we have not gotten a good handle
how many kids are coming in advance, so it has turned into
a last minute scramble to get everything ready.

We have cider & donuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, cookies
and of course candy corn.

Some of our shooters have special equipment they
have to ware or they don't shoot well. Like a lucky
hat for instance.

All these pictures were taken in the first 20 minutes of
the shoot. If the parents would E-Mail me some pictures,
I will gladly add them to this page.