Scoring  =       X  10  9           8   7              6    5           4     3              2     1 
                        JUST  PLAIN  BEST  BUTT  SHOOT

       60 Arrow Shoot 60, 50 & 40 Yards - AUG 13th & 14th, 2011 - Cost $12.00
Name 1/2 Time BestButt Score Final Score "X" Count Butt Assignment PLACE Winnings
Ron Coyle 289 582 20 1 1st $20.00
Bob Bryan 288 578 22 1 2nd  
Ben Adams 283 565 11 1 3rd  
Tom Sawyer 276 560 7 1 4th  
Mike LoPresti 237 510 5 2 1st $15.00
Dustin Meridith 251 508 3 2 2nd  
Fred Case 249 501 2 2 3rd  
Ben Adams (Shot Twice) 270 555 11 2 4th  
        3 1st $10.00
        3 2nd  
        3 3rd  
        3 4th  
        4 1st $5.00
        4 2nd  
        4 3rd  
        4 4th  
        5 1st $5.00
        5 2nd  
        5 3rd  
        5 4th  
        6 1st $5.00
        6 2nd  
        6 3rd  
        6 4th  
        7 1st $5.00
        7 2nd  
        7 3rd  
        7 4th  

                We hope to have another BestButt before hunting season, but the date hasn't been set yet. Stay tuned.
                This is an idea I got from my friend Dennis Sheehan, from Chemung County Rod & Gun Club, that I modified a little bit. You will shoot 2 rounds of practice at 60 yards, followed by 4 ends of 5 arrows each at 60 yards. Then you will shoot 2 ends of 5 arrows each at 50 yards, shooting will stop, we will total everyone's score and the top 4 shooters will be on butt 1, the next 4 highest scores will be on butt 2 and so on. Then you shoot your last 2 ends at 50 yards and your 4 ends at 40 yards. You will be shooting with 3 other people with equal ability that day. There will be a winner on each butt. You will have a 1 in 4 chance of winning. After shooting we be eating beans and franks.
                For our first shoot, you will be able to shoot Saturday or Sunday. The shooting times will be at 8:00 am or 12:00 noon both days. Which will mean there could be up to 4 Top # 1 Butt shooters, and of course the person with the highest score, # of "X's", # of 10's, etc will be the BESTBUTT of the competition. No there will not be a BESTBUTT belt buckle. Call 392-2030 for your shooting time.
                For you western hunters this is super practice, that really builds confidence. For you local hunters, after shooting this round, your 18 yard shot will be a gimmy. You will meet some fun people, learn to read the wind and become a better shooter. Check Creekwood's calendar for the dates and time. Our first BESTBUTT will be Sat & Sun Aug 13th & 14th @ 8am or 12 noon. Call to hold your time slot for all the people you want to shoot with. The price is $12.00 including your meal. We can accommodate 16 shooters per time slot.

60 - 50 - 40 YARDS:

                This is called a 60-50-40 American Round. It is a brand new set up for us at CREEKWOOD. Last year we kind of tested the water by having the FITA targets out at 60, 50, and 40 yards. Lots of people had positive comments, so this year they are out again, and in bigger numbers.
                The targets are the big round 52" butts similar to those shot at the Olympics. You shoot 5 arrows in a END for score. There are 5 ENDS in each GAME  and 3 GAMES in a ROUND, for a total of 60 arrows shot; 20 at 60 yards, 20 at 50 yards and 20 at 40 yards. Scoring is X equals 10 (Tie Breaker), Inner Gold-10, Outer Gold-9, Inner Red-8, Outer Red-7, Inner Blue-6, Outer Blue-5, Inner Black-4, Outer Black-3, Inner White-2, Outer White-1; all others are scored as a "M" (miss). A arrow needs only to touch the scoring line to be scored as the higher value.
                Three to four shooters can score on each target at the same time so get your buddies and come have some FUN. This set-up will test your skills. For you 3D shooters or Western Big Game hunters, what better way to become confident on your shot at those long yardages during the week. We will have the targets out all spring, summer and fall. You may shoot it any time during the week that we are open, so this set up fits any-ones schedule. You need to lube your arrows on these targets. Check out our calendar for all the things we offer at Creekwood.