420 Pro/Am Tournament 2012:

              Another saga for  The 420 Target  and it's acceptance. Last year 2011 the NFAA decided to sanction our 420 Pro/Am Tournament as a five point event for the NFAA Pros. This was a major for  The 420 Target , and Christie Colin (she is a true archery ambassador) was the person who helped it come about the most. The NFAA had a four page story on  The 420 Target  and Pro/Am Tournament in their magazine. Then, at the 2011 Nationals in Louisville on Saturday night The NFAA Pros and their guests were supposed to be shooting  The 420 Target  at their Pro/Am. Mapleleaf Press, sponsors the NFAA Nationals and wouldn't allow them to use  The 420 Target  because they don't print it. It is our belief  that  The 420 Target  brings challenge to the Pros without hurting the amateur shooters, and this is why we have worked so hard at promoting  The 420 Target  as "Bringing the CHALLENGE BACK to Archery" for everyone. We have had nothing but good comments on the target, by all that have shot it and this year at our 3rd Annual Pro/Am, we had 51 shooters who won $808.00, which includes $400.00 from ELITE ARCHERY which has always sponsored The 420 Pro/Am. Following the pictures of this 2012 420 Pro/Am are the Pro Shooters along with the scores they have shot on  The 420 Target .
              Below are pictures taken by Amanda & Matt MacDonald, Paul Shaver and Patrice Goodrich plus some of Creekwood's staff.

  When you purchase an ELITE BOW this is the man that owns the
company, Peter Crawford. He is fun, honest, caring, loves perfection and on top of that is my
friend. Pete has sponsored the 420 Pro/Am from day one. Go get yourself an ELITE BOW and
next year, win some money and get an extra $200.00 from ELITE by winning with 5 or more
shooters in your class. The 2013, 420 Pro/Am will be February 2nd & 3rd, which is not on
Marcia's birthday.

 We have from left to right, Dan Kubit, Coleen Zingaro and Brett Owen, all my buddies at M & T. Dan is the President of the Hilton Branch, Coleen is I believe the Top Producer for M & T Rochester Area and Brett got us the banner and is 2nd in command at the local Hilton M & T Branch. They are a great bunch of people, tellers included.

    M & T Bank has also sponsored our 420 Pro/Am every year. We have done business with M & T for 20 years, and they are more than just a bank. They have an entire staff of people who work with businesses, offer seminars, advice and even gave me a book on running your own business. Thanks Monica London, the book said if you can take your dog to work with you,  you are successful and I hadn't even opened yet.     LIFE  IS  GOOD !

At 70 years old I found out I can still function with not much sleep. This event was a total team event - THANK YOU one and all. The names of the team members are listed on the bottom of the results sheet. LIFE  IS  GOOD !
This page is not done yet, and will change quite often
Ricky Smith won The Amateur Freestyle Class with a score of 300 + 40 X's + 16 IX's = 356 which paid off $58.00. Ricky was shooting his Hoyt Feathered Warrior bow.
Just in case someone should drive up and ask you, Ricky just shot a perfect 450 target in our Vegas League. Ricky Smith 2/27/12 - 450 with 32X's. The X ring is the size of a dime.  About two months ago Ricky decided to turn Pro, which he did, and we at Creekwood wish him the best. He works hard at his shooting.   LIFE  IS  GOOD !           
Thomas Briggs, a class act, wins The Amateur Bowhunter Freestyle Class with a score of 296 + 29 X's + 9 IX's = 334 which paid off $78.00 plus an additional $200.00 from ELITE ARCHERY because he won shooting an ELITE Bow, for a total of $278.00. His bow has a different look with a Black Riser and Snow Camo Limbs.

Tom was so excited to WIN, he took the day off work and his bride came with him. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Tom got his bow before ELITE ARCHERY changed their logo and his wife called one day when he found out they had changed it. They knew I was a friend of Peter Crawford the owner of ELITE and thought maybe I could get him a Elite Bowcase with the old logo on it, which I did. His new case is in the pictures below of Tom & Ron with their checks and bows.

Ron Coyle Wins The Amateur Senior Freestyle Class with a score of 299 + 46 X's + 15 IX's = 360 which paid off $42.00 plus an additional $200.00 from ELITE ARCHERY because he won shooting his ELITE XLR Snow Bow, for a total of $242.00. His bow won this Division last year in The 2011 420 Pro/Am, and also placed 2nd at The NFAA Nationals in Louisville, KY. These ELITE BOWS, "SHOOT 'EM in the MIDDLE". I would be tough to run my business without Ron. He is a friend, a great guy to be around and a guy that is tough to beat. Ron is a great ambassador for archery and if he sets up your bow, you don't have any equipment excuses.
This is the 3rd year in a row Ron has WON his Division in The 2012 420 Pro/Am. His ELITE Bows like him also, because it is FUN TO WIN, especially when you shoot the highest score in the tournament, which he did. You Master Senior Male Freestyle Shooters better bring your game if you want to take on this guy.                                       LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Inessa Ellsworth Wins The Amateur Recurve/Traditional Division with a score of 280 + 11 X's + 6 IX's = 297 which paid $52.00. She was shooting a Olympic Style FITA Recurve Bow and shooting very well on a target she had never shot before. Starting in 2013 the 420 Pro/Am will have a FITA Division. We had quite a few Olympic Style Shooters this year and they need there own Division.       LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Dan Kelly took 2nd Place in The Amateur Recurve/Traditional Division with a score of 280 + 11 X's + 6 IX's = 297 which paid him $12.00. Dan is a serious Olympic Style Archer. He gives a lot of his time teaching both adults and kids on the proper way to shoot a recurve. He is a Design Engineer who has come up with some real neat limb pockets which fit both the older and newer Hoyt Recurves. When your old limbs work on your new bow, LIFE  IS  GOOD !


Mike Marini, my good friend, came out of about a 3 year sabbatical and shot real well for not having had any practice at all. Mike can take a compound bow set up for release with a launcher rest and shoot it with fingers and shoot it well. His release is amazing.                          LIFE  IS  GOOD !


Paul & Diane Calleri (Click Click) have been enjoying archery as a family hobby for all the years I have known them. Diane loves coming to Creekwood, because Paul always takes her out to a real nice place for lunch on the way home. They are both shooting Hoyt's, Indoors and Outdoors. The came pretty close in score.
Paul - 293 + 31 X's + 10 IX's = 334 which paid $18.00.
Diane - 293 + 28 X's + 7 IX's = 328 which paid $12.00.
Not anything to do with The 420 Pro/Am, but last weekend at Creekwood, Diane shot her Personal Best (Peanut Butter) at The Mid-Atlantic Sectional Tournament. You done good girl. LIFE  IS  GOOD !
The Buffalo brothers, Paul Shaver & Ben Adams decided to shoot there HOYT Buffalo Recurves in The 420 Pro/Am and the final result was a Tie Score with the same number of X's and IX's and going to first outs the tie was broken in the second end of the second game. Paul Won! Actually when checking the score cards, there was a mistake in addition and Paul won by one point, fair and square.
                  Ben has Dunlop disease.
For those of you that don't know what that is, it's where your belly dun lopps over your belt. :>(
Bob Bryan on the left won  3rd Place Amateur       Bruce Meyers on the right won 2nd Place
Freestyle with a score of 299 + 30 X's + 17 IX's       Armature Bowhunter Freestyle with a score of
= 346                                                                              296 + 25 X's + 9 IX's = 330

    If you would like to shoot with these guys, come over to Creekwood on Thursday nights.

                I didn't know you could shoot to the left and right at Creekwood? ? ? ? ? ?

The Welcome Banner also welcomed a bunch
of young folks to the 420 Pro/Am. Marcia and I have always enjoyed working with kids from day one at Creekwood. Kids make all the hours worthwhile.

 Dublin got everything under control and then
 it was siesta time.
        What is going on with this LOOK ?
These kids are some of the kids that shoot our Saturday morning Youth League. This year for a change they are shooting 60 arrows in their league and taking to it very well. 
We were so proud of these kids. The kids are the future of our sport.                                           LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 This is The NFAA Pro information on the 420 Target
                I believe in Ladies before Gentlemen, so here are the PROS in that order.
Christie Colin 2010 - 300 + 53 X's + 25 IX's = 378 Pro Female Freestyle Record
Christie Colin 2010 - 300 + 48 X's + 24 IX's = 372
Samantha Neal 2011 - 300 + 46 X's + 12 IX's = 353
Samantha Neal 2010 - 300 + 41 X's + 12 IX's = 353
Samantha Neal 2010 - 299 + 33 X's + 9 IX's = 341
Jesse Broadwater 2011 - 300 + 59 X's +  42 IX's =  401  Pro Male Freestyle Record
Shane Wills 2011 - 300 +  60 X's  + 31 IX's = 391
Jeff Human 2010 - 300 - 48 X's - 15 IX's = 363
Jeff Human 2010 - 300 - 50 X's - 13 IX's = 363
Mike Pollard 2011 - 300 + 47 X's + 22 IX's = 369
Ricky Smith 2010 - 300 + 49 X's + 29 IX's = 378
Christie Colin, has the Female Freestyle record of 300 - 53 X's - 25 IX's = 378 which won her a check for $335.00 in 2010. Christie is a real competitor with class, she has four world records and is a great ambassador for archery.
Part of being a Pro is to come down and shoot with the amateur shooters like me and she is one of the few that actually does that. Since she moved to Pennsylvania, I miss her and her hubby Terry who owns, World Record Strings a whole bunch. He had to name his business that, because Christi set all her world records shooting strings Terry made.
Samantha Neal won $500.00 in 2011 with a score of 300 + 46 X's + 12 IX's = 358. Sam, her mom & dad have competed thru WNYFAB at Creekwood since she was in her early teens. Her dad, Tracy made the 420 Pro/Am stickers that so many of you have. Sam not only shoots 'em in the middle, but she is a super nice person.

Jesse Broadwater, has the Male Freestyle record of 300 - 59 X's - 42 IX's = 401 which won him a FIRST PLACE check for $750.00 in 2011. In 2010 Jesse & Shane were coming and they both got snowed in. The snow was so deep, his mini-horses just walked over the fence and got out. Shane was buried even worse than that. Both Jesse & Shane shot 5 inside X rounds (picture below) and you talk about ball bustin. These guys are best friends who just love to push each other and have a great time. It's who shot the first 5 inside X round and then who shot the most 5 IX rounds, and then it was, yes but who missed an X, followed by who had the most IX's. It is a HOOT to be around guys like this.                        LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Jeff Human is now on the PSE Pro Staff and the reason he is, he wins a lot. He shoots Bowhunter Freestyle. Last year he started coaching so if you want to improve your game, there is a local person that you could work with. He knows how to teach the mechanics, but more than that he is a mental - mental - mental shooter. Archery at his level is about 95% mental and if you listen to Jeff, you might learn something.


Chuck Cooley had been a Pro for a couple of years and this was the first time he had ever won as a Pro and he was excited. Chuck was here with his daughter who is a Cheerleader in Watkins Glen, and a good little shooter. He won with a score of 300 +  48 X's + 21 IX's = 369. Chuck brought on-line video to our NYS Indoor Championships and is now I believe the spokesman for all the NFAA Pros at their meetings.
Chuck is a Optometrist and owns Feather Visions located in Ithaca, NY. Feather Visions is a innovator in optics in the archery industry.

Ricky worked at Creekwood for many years, just recently graduated from college and plans on spending more time with his bow now. Before Ricky went to Vegas this year he decided to turn Pro. Many years ago Jimmy Despart was seriously looking at Ricky to be a shooter for Martin Archery, but back then he wasn't going to the big shoots and Jimmy went off to Albany and opened his own shop Flying Arrow II. Ricky is getting married in August and his future bride Chrissy is a shooter
If you want to compete for the money, have your name associated with the Pros listed above, keep the   first weekend in February, 2013 open in your calendar but remember to bring your game. When shooting  The 420 Target  , it separates the shooters from the shooter want to bees. The 420 Pro/Am may be in multiple venues next year so if you register early, you might find out you don't have to travel as far as you thought.                                                 LIFE  IS  GOOD !

 This is a building at GCL ( Genesee Conservation League) where Doug & Sue Ludwig, Inessa Ellsworth and Dan  Kelly teach FITA Style shooting to kids. Sue came out of  retirement and  shot the 420 Pro/Am twice. Her husband Doug was out of town doing his big time referee thing in the Archery  Olympic world. When we had The NAA Nationals at Creekwood Doug was one of the refs. I went down there to give Inessa  her check. LIFE  IS  GOOD !

Matt MacDonald made the file for the BIG CHECKS and Paul Shaver printed them. Like always we gave away the checks as awards plus the $808.00 in cash.

           LIFE  IS  GOOD !      
      AND SEE YA! IN 2013
This was billed on our web site as the best thing Creekwood has ever done, and it
was. Now it is the "THE BEST  THING WE EVER DID", more than twice.