420 Pro/Am Tournament 2011:

What a special year for  The 420 Target  and it's acceptance. This year the NFAA
decided to sanction our 420 Pro/Am Tournament as a five point event for the NFAA
Pros. This year, at the Nationals in Louisville on Saturday night The NFAA Pros and
their guests will be shooting  The 420 Target  at there Pro/Am in March. It is our belief 
that the target brings challenge to the Pros without hurting the amateur shooters, and
this is why we have worked so hard at promoting  The 420 Target  as "Bringing the
CHALLENGE BACK to Archery". We have had nothing but good comments on the
target, by all that have shot it. Below is a picture of Christi Colin taken last year, who
also believes in the future of  The 420 Target  and is helping us expose it to the
archery world. She is so special.

Christi is in Vegas competing as I write this and just came in 5th place, out of 61
women competing and won $655.00. What a close tight competition. The difference
from 1st and 5th was 2 points and 2 "X's". Christie is a real competitor with class, and
a great ambassador for archery. Part of being a Pro is to come down and shoot with
the amateur shooters like me and she is one of the few that actually does that. Since
she moved to Pennsylvania, I miss her and her hubby Terry (on the right) who owns,
World Record Strings. He had to name his business that, because Christi set all her
world records shooting strings Terry made.

Marcia and I are getting ready before the first line. We are making a list and checking
it twice.

Above is one of our Major sponcers ELITE ARCHERY and a collage of pictures from
our 2010 420 Pro/Am, which two of our real special customers made for us, Matt
MacDonald & Paul Shaver.

Last year Samantha Neal drew Jesse's name, for winning a bottle of wine even
though Jesse couldn't make it because his truck was buried in his driveway, in the
biggest storm of the winter. He had so much snow his miniature horses walked out
of their pasture right over the fence.

This year Lauren Goodrich drew the names and his name was drawn again and
Jesse said, "I don't need two, draw again", and Shane won this years bottle of wine
from The Lake Ontario Winery. It is my favorite Merlot. I'm sure some warm evening
in front of the fireplace or candlelight it will go to good use. I bet things work the
same in Maryland and Pennsylvania, just like they do in New York. Happy
Valentines Day if you know what I mean.

On Saturday we had two Male NFAA Pros in the 420 Pro/Am, Shane Wills and Jesse
Broadwater. Shane shot the 1st five "Inside X" end in the 2011 tournament and
Jesse shot two five "Inside X" ends back to back. At the end of there shoot they
had both shot two perfect ends. If these guys had been shooting Nano's or X10's,
I'm sure both there scores would have been better. That is a funny thing to say
when both these Pros shot the highest official scores ever recorded on the target.
Shane with a 300 - 60 X's - 31 IX's = 391 and Jesse with a 300 - 59 X's - 42 IX's = 401
which won him a FIRST PLACE check for $750.00.

         Left to right are Marcia Adams, Shane Wills, Lisa & Jesse Broadwater and Ben Adams
On Saturday we had one Female Pro Samantha Neal shooting, and she won a First
Place check for $500.00 with a score of 300 - 46 X's - 12 IX's = 358. Samantha has
been shooting at Creekwood for six years and has real strong expectations for
herself. In Vegas she was in 20th place the first day, 15th place the second day, 11th
place out of 61 female competitors and won $295.00 at the end of the event. It's a
good thing for the winners, the event didn't go a couple more days. Sam was just
getting warmed up. She came in two places above one of my best shooting friends
Kelly Ward, who won Vegas last year.

                                              This is our 7:00 pm Friday Line
The tall fellow in the center row with the grey shirt on, is Mike Derus and we found
out he was the first person to ever shoot a perfect score in Vegas. He was up here
from Florida where he lives, because he is the engineer for Elite Archery. He took
1st Place in the Amateur Bowhunter Freestyle Male Class with final score of 300 -
36 X's - 20 IX's = 356 and won a check for $70.00 plus a $200.00 check, contingency
money from Elite Archery.  If he sends us a picture of himself with the big check
were sending him, I will post it here. Mike said he hadn't shot a tournament in over
12 years. He and Mike Pollard who took 1st in the Amateur Freestyle Male Class and
won $85.00, asked if they could come back and shoot the target again on Saturday
because they enjoyed the target so much, but they were so busy at the other shoot
in Rochester the same weekend, they didn't make it. Mike Pollard works for
Rhinehart Targets and is the back row on the right hand side of the American Flag.
The Referees were Ben Adams, center rear and Matt MacDonald on the left.
                                            This is our 1:00 pm Saturday Line
This was our Line with the two male NFAA Pros in it. Shane Wills in the Red Hoyt
shirt, standing by the right hand edge of the American Flag and Jesse Broadwater
in the black and orange shirt to Shane's right. Oh by the way, that cute little blond
standing between them is Lisa, Jesse's wife and she hadn't shot her bow in almost
a year took 1st place in Amateur Freestyle Female Class and won $45.00. Jesse,
Lisa is going to need a little more space in your trophy room. Lisa shot a 293 - 22
X's - 12 IX's = 327. Good job girl. After you get your big check, I need a picture of
you with it for the web site. One of these days Jesse is going to buy the farm Lisa
grew up one and they are going to sell the water from the well there. It is the
actual fountain of youth. The Referees were Ron Coyle on the left and Paul Shaver
in the right.

                                           This is our 4:00 pm Saturday Line
Over 80% of the people are from Buffalo, NY, and are good friends we shoot with
all winter. Diane Calleri, center right won 1st Place Amateur Senior Freestyle
Female and there is a special shooter, Mark O'Brien who is the one on the right in
the back row with his hand on his hip. Mark called me in late November and said he
wanted to shoot in our WNYFAB competitions we have all winter. I said, no problem
and told him where the shoot was. Mark said, there is one thing though, I may have
a illegal release. I said what's up. Mark said, I lost my arm and. -- I interrupted him
and said, if anyone has a problem with your release, we will throw them out, your
talking to a guy with a wooden leg. Mark said, Oh, I have one of them also. This guy
was a shooter before he went into the service, and after an armor piercing rocket
came thru his Hummer, and gave him some issues he took a Scott release,
reversed the trigger so he could push it with his tongue to shoot and he is shooting
well and having a lot of fun. Mark shot a 299 - 33 X's - 11 IX's = 343 which beat my
score by 24 points. The Referees were Brad Carney on the left and Paul Shaver on
the right.

                                           This is our 1:00 pm Sunday Line
This was a good line to shoot in if your last name was Neal. Samantha in red has
her dad, Tracy to the right behind her and her mom Pamela to the right in the
picture all won at the shoot. Tracy got a 3rd, Pamela a 2nd, and of course Samantha
the big check for NFAA Pro Freestyle Female. The week after they were all in
Vegas and Tracy took a first in his Flight and won $395.00, Pamela took a 4th in her
Flight and won $100.00 and Samantha won $295.00 shooting against all the NFAA
Pro woemen. The Refs were Ron Coyle in the front and Matt MacDonald in the rear
on the left.
                           These are pictures from our 7:00 pm Friday Line.

The guy in the white shirt in the center is Mike Pollard from Michigan and he won
1st place Amateur Freestyle Male in our 420 Pro/Am. He is a real good shooter,
went to Vegas and was in the 2nd Flight of shooters out of 20 Flights.


                           These are pictures from our 1:00 pm Saturday Line.




                           These are pictures from our 4:00 pm Saturday Line.

These are pictures from our Youth Awards at 6:30 pm Saturday evening. The kids
have been a huge part of our program at Creekwood for 18 years. Marcia, Ron and
myself enjoy that part of our business more than any other thing we do. The kids
are the future of our sport.



                These are some of the pictures from the 1:00 pm Saturday Line



I'll tell you what - This guy can shoot - Ron Coyle is my friend - He loves his Elite
XLR snow bow and like his Elite GT500 last year won this check plus $200.00 Elite
Archery Contingency Money. You combine a guy that can shoot with a bow that
can shoot and you have a winner of $255.00 put it in your pocket dollars.


Diane Calleri won Amateur Senior Freestyle Female for the second year in a row.

Tom Sawyer won Amateur Senior Bowhunter Freestyle Male for the second year
in a row. Last year as a joke his wife took the big check to M & T Bank to deposit
it and he said she would probably do it again this year.

Michelle Dallas (above) had a rather rough weekend, but ended on the positive side
with her winning a check for $15.00 for First Place Bowhunter Freestyle Female
Class with a score of 294 - 23 X's - 5 IX's = 322. This gal can shoot and she and her
husband Joe had a lot of fun.

On the left is Ryan Moses who shoots Bowhunter Freestyle Limited like his mom
Lori on the right. Many years ago Lori got involved in archery because she was
spending a lot of time taking her son to archery events and decided she might as
well shoot herself as long as she was there. After winning the NYS Championships
many times she is permanently hooked and spends as much time as her busy
schedule permits. Ryan has been coming on strong enough to challenge his mom
to a bet this year of winner take all. Ryan lost by 14 points and Lori gets both checks.


Bill Williams competed in the Senior Bowhunter Freestyle Limited Male Class and
took First Place with a winning score of 273 - 7 X's - 2 IX's = 282 and a check for
At 69 years old I found out I can still function with not much sleep. This event was
a total team event - THANK YOU one and all. We had shooters from Michigan,
Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and of course New York. The names of the
team members are listed on the bottom of the results sheet.

Like last year we had shooters in practicing on Friday afternoon. The shop is so
picked up and pretty, it doesn't look like our shop. The flowers on the table are
my bride's from her birthday on the first day of the tournament. This year to help
keep me out of the dog house, Marcia received a different birthday cake every
day of the tournament.

These are two of her three birthday cakes recieved over the three days of the
tournament. All of the helpers at the shoot enjoyed the cakes. We will celebrate
her birthday next weekend, and there will not be any birthday cake. We should
have asked Philips European to be a sponcer of the tournament.

This was billed on our web site last year as the best thing Creekwood has ever
done, and it was "THE BEST  THING WE EVER DID AGAIN". The weather
cooperated this year allowing the shooters to get here. The shooters came in and
registered at the counter and picked up there envelopes containing there score
cards, 420 pens, local information and lane assignments. Practice started at 1:00
pm on Friday and we had fresh fruit, chips and dips out.  Meanwhile the crew and
refs are all assembled and ready for the first scores to come in.
We want to thank our platinum sponsors, Elite Archery and M & T Bank, our gold
sponsors, Carter Releases, T.R.U. Ball Releases and Jim Fletcher Releases, plus
our local sponsors, Hamlin Hometown Cafe', Petineries Deli, Tim Hortons,
Wendys, McDonalds, Main Street Pizza, Kroney's Pizza, Lift Bridge Book Shop,
The Strand Theater, Brockport Bowl, and The Lake Ontario Winery.

When you redeem your door prizes please tell our sponsors thank you, and tell
them where you received the gift.

The BIG CHECKS and Trophies for the kids are all ready to figure out who there
going home with.

   This is not the BIG M & T Bank, but this is the Hilton NY branch of M & T which is
                                           Creekwood's bank for 18 years.

                      They are a great bunch of people who have had a lot of faith in
                                               and promote Creekwood Archery.

This is Petineries Deli where the subs came from and where many of the shooters
went to get there own food, pizza, gas and convenience store type things. They are
just around the corner.

Just north of Petineries is the Lake Ontario Winery and Biestro, which gave us
lunches for two and the bottle of wine for one of our Pro's which Jesse
Broadwater won. Thank Samantha for drawing your name Jessee.

Matt MacDonald made the BIG CHECKS we gave away as awards plus the
$1835.00 total cash of course.

            LIFE  IS  GOOD !      
       AND SEE YA! IN 2012


This is a self portrait of the two people that make Creekwood Archery very
successful, Marcia Adams and Ron Coyle.