The 21st year of our contest

 NOTICE:  If you get a deer call 392-2046 and I will meet you at the shop. We weigh it for you, score it and put your pictures on the web site. Any deer brought in by a contest shooter that doesn't end up on the board is still in for a $10.00 blind drawing, LIFE  IS  GOOD !       

        A = Adult 19 years old and over
        Y =Young Adult 12 to 18 years old
  WCS = Wooda - Coulda - Shoulda = (Not in contest, but treated the same)
 NOTICE:  CB = Crossbow (This is new)
Ben's comment as of 11/17/17: With 20 deer in total and the contest is over.
                    It is Friday Nov 17th, and the contest is over. I know of at least 5 deer taken by people in the contest that didn't bring em in. All in all, 20 or 25 deer for the number of people in the contest, it was a good season. Only one Pope & Young Buck surprised me and no deer even close to 200 lbs. suprised me with the mild winter we had last year, I expected much larger deer winning. So much for my knowledge. Nelson Crosier's son is bringing in a buck he shot with his to kids with him and I couldn't wait to write that story. The season started out hot and dry. The last two days have been wet & windy with lower temps which brought down the rest of the leaves which really improves visibility. I really thought the last 10 days of the season would bring in a lot more deer. If your treestand is rocking and rolling in the wind go hunt standing corn. If there is a puttle of water in the field there is no reason for the deer to leave it. They have water, food and sex available without leaving the corn. Things are going to explode, soon. The weather doesn't bother the hunters with the bowhunting sickness real bad and they have taken some real nice bucks the very first week, because they know the deer eat, sleep and drink every day just like you do.  BRING EM IN !  & READ ALL ABOUT IT !
The Adults ended up with about a 20% success ratio which is better than the State average.
 NOTICE YOUNG ADULTS:  There are 19 Young Adults in the contest and so far Tim Frisbee and Riley Hirschman and  NOW LAUREN NOWAK  have brought in a deer.  Check her buck out you young adults. It will be hard to beat. Right now Lauren has two 1st places on the Young Adult side of the board, and a 1st & 2nd place on the Adult side of the Contest Board. Get your butts going, especially the girls. It would be super if a young lady wiped all the boys butts. Get it done you youngsters. You know I steal $ from the adults and give it to you youngsters. I think my dream above is coming true. Time will tell. GOOD LUCK YOU YOUNG ADULTS ! The Young Adults ended up with about a 16% success ratio which is better than the State average.
 To see a bowhunters entry - click on the persons name below.

WCS - Aaron Green - 11/11/17 - DOE
WCS - Andy Wegman - 11/0917 - 8 Point 160 lb BUCK
WCS - Bob Bryan - 10/03/17 - 6 Point BUCK
A - Bob Marsala - 11/10/17 - 8 Point 150 lb 110 4/8" BUCK
A - Brian Kurzawski - 10/06/17 - 116 2/8" 8 Point BUCK
CB - Giles Crosier - 11/12/17 - 142 lb 122 1/8" BUCK

A - Jason Graybill - 10/25/17 - 142 lb - 7 Point 41 2/8" BUCK
A - Jeff Coyle - 10/26/17 - 119 lb - 5 Point 64 6/8" BUCK
A - Jim Gutowski - 11/04/17 - 95 1/2 lb DOE
A - Kent Barker - 11/11/17 - 158 lb - 11 Point 131 5/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Y - Lauren Nowak - 11/03/17 - 145 lb - 8 Point 116 0/8" BUCK
A - Matt Mank - 10/01/17 - DOE
A - Mike Roffe - 10/16/17 - 115 lb - 5 Point 50 0/8" BUCK
WCS - Nelson Green - 11/09/17 - 8 Point BUCK
WCS - Paul Shaver - 11/04/17 - 5 Point BUCK
Y - Riley Hirschman - 10/22/17 - 131 3/4 lb - 3 Point 48 4/8" BUCK
A - Shane Price - 11/14/17 - 104 lb DOE

Tim Frisbee - 10/02/17 - 83 lb DOE
A - Todd Lapa - 10/07/17 8 Point1 18 0/8" BUCK
A - Tom Sawyer -10/27/17 - 128 lb - 8 Point 73 5/8" BUCK

A = Adult 19 & Up -
Your name goes here.
Y = Young Adult 12 to 18 - Your name goes here.
WCS - If your name goes here you can't fix it till next year when you get in the 2018 deer contest.

In the contest there are 18 winners (9 Young Adult & 9 Adult) 1st, 2nd
& 3rd for Doe Weight, Buck Weight & Buck Score
If your not in the contest you get treated the same. We just put you
on the Wood'a-Could'a-Should'a list.
Then, when the early Bowhunting season is over, the Contest is over, any
deer not on the winning board that was brought in by someone in the contest
gets their name put in a hat and we have a blind drawings for $10.00

I hope you have the best bow season of your life so far,
with many more to come.               LIFE  IS  GOOD !


                                                               BRING EM IN !

  Buck Weight Adult   Buck Rack     Adult   Doe Weight Adult   Buck Weight Youth   Buck Rack Youth   Doe Weight Youth
 1st Kent    Barker  1st Kent     Barker  1st Shane Price  1st Lauren Nowak  1st Lauren Nowak  1st Tim
 2nd Bob  Marsala 2nd Todd   Lappa  2nd Jim Gutowski   2nd Riley Hirschman  2nd Riley Hirschman  2nd No Entry Yet
 3rd Lauren Nowak  3rd Brian Kurzawski  3rd Tim   Frisbee  3rd No Entry Yet  3rd No Entry Yet  3rd No Entry Yet

                                                     WCS = Wooda, Coulda, Shoulda = Not in contest   

  Buck Weight Adult  WCS   Buck Rack Adult  WCS   Doe Weight Adult  WCS   Buck Weight Youth  WCS   Buck Rack Youth  WCS   Doe Weight Youth WCS
 1st Nelson    Green  1st Bob
 1st Aaron Green  1st No Entry Yet  1st No Entry Yet  1st No Entry Yet
 2nd Paul Shaver 2nd Paul
 2nd No Entry Yet  2nd No Entry Yet  2nd No Entry Yet  2nd No Entry Yet
 3rd No Entry Yet  3rd  No Entry Yet  3rd No Entry Yet  3rd No Entry Yet  3rd No Entry Yet  3rd No Entry Yet

                       BLIND DRAWING $10.00 WINNERS FOR 2017 WILL BE BELOW:
     Mike Roffe & Jeff Coyle are the $10.00 Blind Drawing winners which were drawn
           by Jacob Merkel at the 450 Vegas League. There were 5 people eligible.

       This is a Morgan County Ohio, Crossbow Buck taken this season, I thought you might enjoy seeing.
                         Look at what happens when you let them grow up. It's a BUCK OF A LIFETIME !

               Below are the contest boards from 2016:

             This is the Age 12 to 18 Young Adult Board                    This is the Adult Board Ages 19 & Up



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