TOM SAWYER: 10/22/16
          156 LB
          8 Point 85 6/8" BUCK

In my opinion Tom Sawyer is a perfect example of a bowhunter and outdoorsman. As you can see this
beautiful 8 point has no brow tines, but Tom is convinced it is related to the biggest bow buck of his
lifetime. At 76 years of outdoor experience, Tom is one of my heroes. He still works, cuts fire wood and
hunts very successfully from his favorite maple tree. Tom was hunting in Allegany with Dave his son,
(on his birthday) and John Gogoll an old time friend of mine. Those two young men are learning many
traditions from Tom, just as Tom learned from his father. In the evening after they had gotten Tom's buck
back to camp, Dave & John said well now you are the camp B_T_H, seeing you are all done. Tom said, All
done my foot, I have 2 doe tags and intend to fill them both, so you two have to help with the cooking and
keep the camp clean. When you have all your bowhunting done for the season, you become the camp
cook, plus doing all the deadly domestics.
Tom was in his favorite stand where many deer have taken a dirt nap as a result of Tom's ability with his bow.
Two young deer, probably this years twin fawns came down the hill off to his right, down wind and when they
winded him turned and ran back up the hill. As they worked there way down the hill they kept looking back
up the hill so Tom was pretty sure there were more deer up the hill. Pretty soon he saw a doe making her way
down the hill. Tom had no intention of taking her, so he left his bow hanging on it's hook. As he was watching
her he saw movement behind her and there he was. Tom's bow was on the hook, the doe was about to wind
him on her present course so he knew he had to make it happen quickly. There was a log out there that was
30 yards and thats where the buck was. Tom put his 30 yard pin on a spot he picked and squeezed off the shot.
He knew he hit the buck, but thought the hit was back, so Tom stayed in his stand for an hour and a half.
During that time he saw a deer laying down off to the right of where he had last seen his buck go. After a while
the deer had gone. Tom got out of the tree, starting trailing and saw up ahead his buck lying on the ground.
Tom watched for a minute and the buck lifted up his head, looking away, so Tom backed out and went back to
camp. When they all went back later the buck was still right there in the same place. From the blood trail they
figured out it was Tom's buck he had seen laying down from hid stand. Tom was using a Slick-Trick broadhead
and the buck went about 75 yards. The weekend before Tom had passed on 5 bucks. This guy could teach
classes on bowhunting. Great job my friend.