TIM  FRISBEE: 10/3/16
          108 1/2 LB
OK all you 21 other young adults in the contest, Tim currently
has four first places on the board.

Tim is bowhunting with Mike Frisbee who is Gary Frisbee's son.
That is three generations of Frisbee's that have been involved
with Creekwood Archery's Deer Contest. No wonder I just
turned 75 yesterday. We have been doing this for a long time.

Tim was bowhunting in Parma, I'm guessing when he took this doe.
His shot was 40 yards, the doe only went 30 yards and you can see
why below. That's the Does heart.

It's always good when you see them tip over. Even though Tim
is in the young adult category he is no rookie.

Last year he took 5 deer. He harvested this Doe at 7:30am using a
Grim Reaper broadhead.

I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Tim this bow season.
His hunting partner Mike Frisbee took a buck opening day, but
wasn't in the contest so he didn't bring it in.

TIM  FRISBEE: 10/29/16
          107 1/2 LB
          33 1/8" BUCK

Tim again was bowhunting with Mike Frisbee. He shot this buck
at 9:15am with a Grim Reaper broadhead.

The shot was 20 yards
and the buck went about 40 yards and died next to a Porta-Pottie.
He also hunted the Special Youth Gun Season and took a buck
with his gun.

This kid is having a super season.