RIDGE COON: 10/29/16
              10 Point BUCK
This young man Ridge, is the son of an old time friend,
Al Coon. I saw these pictures on FaceBook and couldn't
not put them on my sight. Al was the # 1 guy at Oneida
Eagle Bows back when it was big in archery and
Creekwood just beginning.

I sent Al this message: The apple didn't fall very far
from the tree. What a special buck. Congrats Ridge,
That's a day you will never forget. Nice job !!!

Al sent this back to me: That's for sure!! I can't sleep,
lol. I told Ridge as I called the deer in, this ones kinda
big your bow might not do the job & Dad better take
the shot, ha ha. He said "Dad I get to shoot first he's
mine" His 40 pound bow put an "X" right thru the
heart, went 20 yards & tipped over. Still stunned.